A Candidate Chain & Recognizing Community Effort [EOS Launch Update]

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Lately, we have been very busy helping the community to build an open network that will spearhead EOS into the world.

A Candidate Chain

We are pleased to say that yesterday around 5pm, we started receiving blocks from a community started chain. They loaded 694,947 actions into 4,550 initial blocks, honoring the contribution of everyone participating in the ERC-20 token crowdsale.

Since then, an impressive number of Block Producer Candidates have been tirelessly working to ensure all the contracts were correct, all the balances were honored properly, and all the governance texts were correct and on-chain.

A special contract (`eosio.unregd`) was also included to honor those who have not been able to register their EOS key: this account holds 3,301,220.3641 EOS right now. By having that included in the chain, Block Producers will be able to, in the future, honor those contributions as well.

We are being extra cautious in how events unfold, but I have to say that all validation, stress testing by all participating Block Producer Candidates, have passed on that chain. The chain in question has a `chain_id` of:


Going The Extra Mile

Today, the team at EOS Canada took the time to do a profound deep-dive on this issue that could have put the whole network at risk, if not clearly understood. A solution was found by Block.one in a timely fashion and we are now confident to move forward.

Recognizing Community Effort

In the past weeks, we had a total of 150+ community members working together to prepare and practice the launch of the mainnet. Through video conference calls and Telegram chats, all actively coordinating the launch with the group, sharing their opinion, learning about the boot process and asking questions - in both Chinese and English. We have been getting better every day with great rehearsals, rapid consensus, multiple Block Producers able to boot and more validation.

With all the excitement around the launch, we would like to take the opportunity to thank each member of the community who helped out setting up 20 testnets, improving the boot process together, and baking it into software.

It's an honor to work with you all! (in alphabetical order)

  1. Aloha EOS
  2. Bitspace
  3. BlockEOS
  4. Blockgenic
  5. Block Matrix
  6. BlockPro1
  7. Cybex
  8. Cypherglass
  9. DposClub
  10. DutchEOS
  11. Easypayx
  12. EOS 42
  13. EOS 90s
  14. EOS Amsterdam
  15. EOS Antpool
  16. EOS Argentina
  17. EOS Asia
  18. EOS Authority
  19. EOS Beijing
  20. EOS Bepal
  21. EOS Bixin
  22. EOS BlockSmith
  23. EOS Cafe
  24. EOS Cannon
  25. EOS ChainClub
  27. EOS Costa Rica
  28. EOS Cube
  29. EOS Detroit
  30. EOS Dublin
  31. EOSeco
  32. EOS Flare
  33. EOS Germany
  34. EOS Gravity
  35. EOS HCC
  36. EOS India
  37. EOSIO.SG
  38. EOS JRR
  39. EOS Japan
  40. EOS LaoMao
  41. EOS Meso
  42. EOS Metal
  43. EOS Mediterranean
  44. EOS Nairobi
  45. EOS Nation
  46. EOS Network
  47. EOS New York
  48. EOS-NL
  49. EOS NodeOne
  50. EOS ONO
  51. EOS Pacific
  52. EOS Palliums
  53. EOSpace
  54. EOSphere
  55. EOStark
  56. EOS Rio
  57. EOS Romania
  58. EOS Silicon Valley
  59. EOS Singapore
  60. EOS SoCal
  61. EOS Store
  62. EOSYS
  63. EOS TaxRelief
  64. EOS Thu
  65. EOS Titan
  66. EOS Tribe
  67. EOS Vibes
  68. EOSvillage
  69. EOS Union
  70. EOS UK
  71. EOS Vikings
  72. EOS Wancloud
  73. EOS Wenzhou
  74. EOS Worbli
  75. EOS WTZ
  76. GenerEOS
  77. GEOS
  78. LibertyBlock
  79. HelloEOS
  80. HuobiPool
  81. JEDA
  82. MeetOne
  83. onechaindapp
  84. Oracle Chain
  85. shEOS
  86. SuperOne
  87. TokenPocket
  88. Top.one
  89. Unlimited EOS

We hope we haven't forgotten anyone. If we have, please contact us and we will fix it immediately.

We want to acknowledge the following individuals in a special way:

  • People who did a great job helping with translation to successfully bridge the discussion between Chinese and overseas Block Producer communities: Dafeng from EOS Asia, Joshua from EOSeco, Tyee from EOSpace, Winlin from EOS Bixin, Bean from EOS Cannon, and Zhao Yu -from EOS LaoMao. We feel that bridging the West and the East is a great achievement of the EOS community.
  • Denis Carriere, from EOS Nation, for his community leadership in the Scholar Testnet all the way through a mainnet candidate.
  • JJ from EOS Germany kindly led an effort to try and attack the network launch to test the security of the network.
  • Craig from EOS BlockSmith for helping to onboard new Block Producers to the multiple testnets in the last weeks.
  • Bean from EOS Cannon, who wrote an introductory article on the `eos-bios`
  • Nate from Aloha EOS, for helping with the issue this afternoon.
  • Sharif and Sam from EOS Dublin, for their leadership.
  • Bohdan from Crypto Lions, for his deep technical expertise on the EOS software, his commitment to testing and his willingness to share in his knowledge.

You forgot @eostribe!

The EOS launch is a truly fascinating event while the crypto markets in general are in a slow period. I am increasingly astounded by the level of work put into this project and the community already built around it.

Very exciting.

Thank you to @eoscanada and the entire BLock Producer family for the work you are doing. It is truly inspiring and we are very grateful.

Hi @eos-canada. What is the story between EOS BIOS and Ghostbusters? Are they competing efforts or just being presented that way.

The following post appears to start by throwing some comments at other teams and egos... https://steemit.com/eoslaunch/@eosdac/eos-block-producer-candidates-ghostbusters-is-now-eos-core-and-is-ready-for-testing

It is an honor to work with your incredibly talented team and leadership as well! @eos-canada

Awesome work @eos-canada! Glad to be a part of this journey and process

Where are @hkeos, @eosdac, and eos sw/eden (@xebb), who are leading the EOS Core chain?
Doesn't seem objective to leave some teams out...

This list initially included all the BPs that participated in the 20 eos-bios testnets. We then added the BPs that asked us to be included on that list.

Good Morning EOS Canada, thank you for your leadership, please continue pushing forwards to help us get EOS launched and live. Hopefully we can get it up this week or we might have a mutiny on our hands!

EOS Ecosystem is EOSeco , please change , thx

Hello, EOS Canada :)
I really appreciate your effort to unite the whole EOS community, and always feel respect for you guys. Thank you.

FYI, the name of EOSys is actually EOSYS, the capital letters. It is a minor thing, but it would great if you change it for our team :)

This great collaboration between BPs is a fantastic sign for the future of this community. This gives me a ton of confidence in an essential part of this network's backbone.

You also seem to have forgotten @eos-vikings

EOS Lithuania @eoslithuania is here as well EOS Lithuania Thank you @eos-canada for your great leadership and we are happy to be part of the launch process.

Great job guys! thks for the update @eos-canada.

Read my profile if want me to resteem your post to over 72,500 followers. @a-a-a

Hey, @eos-canadaI will put the picture that I associate with your post: How do you think, how suitable is the post? I'm interested in your opinion.

It's so good to be part of new era of EOS cryptocurrency technology. More power to 21 BPs to be elected!!!

Thank you for all the good work you have done!
You guys are top-notch!

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