My List of BP Candidates I voted for

in #eos3 years ago

Speaking as an individual voter - I have voted for the following top 20 BP candidates that I believe have technical expertise and skills to support EOS Blockchain infrastructure:

1 EOS Sw/eden eosswedenorg
2 EOS Rio eosriobrazil
3 eosDAC eosdacserver
4 Block Matrix blockmatrix1
5 Crypto Lions cryptolions1
6 HKEOS hkeoshkeosbp
7 EOS Tribe eostribeprod
8 eos42freedom
9 EOS Gravity eosisgravity
10 EOSOCAL eossocalprod
11 EOS Detroit eosiodetroit
12 shEOS sheos21sheos
13 EOS Cannon eoscannonchn
14 EOS Nation eosnationftw
15 EOS Costa Rica costaricaeos
16 OracleChain oraclegogogo
17 EOS Wenzhou eoswenzhoubp
18 EOS Asia eosasia11111
19 LibertyBlock libertyblock
20 EOS Store eosstorebest


Thanks for sharing, why did you only vote for 20 bps?

Thanks for including EOSNationftw! Join the EOS Nation community on our facebook group everyone! Its the most active EOS facebook community.

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