How to Configure, Register and Vote for Block Producer

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I'm sharing material used in BP technical training sessions I teach. It walks you through all steps required to configure a wallet, create and register producer account and vote for it.

Modify commands to match your local environment: paths, account names, etc.

1. Create wallet folder: mkdir ~/wallet and cd to ~/wallet

2. Create

$KEOSD --data-dir $DATADIR --http-server-address "[email protected]" > $DATADIR/stdout.txt 2> $DATADIR/stderr.txt & echo $! > $DATADIR/
echo "Wallet started"

3. Chmod +x and run it: ./

Check that it’s up: ps -ef | grep keosd
Check there are no errors in the log: cat stderr.txt

4. Change to ../node and create new script: :

$CLEOS -u --wallet-url "[email protected]"

5. Create default wallet:

./ wallet create
Creating wallet: default
Save password to use in the future to unlock this wallet.
Without password imported keys will not be retrievable.
^- Save wallet password somewhere safe.

6. Unlock wallet:

./ wallet unlock --password

7. Create new keys for your producer account (if you don't have one already):

./ create key > producer.keys

8. Create new producer account from your personal account (if you don't have one already):

./ system newaccount --stake-net "1.0000 EOS" --stake-cpu "1.0000 EOS" --buy-ram-kbytes 8 --transfer <new-account> <new -account-public-key>

9. Import private key into default wallet:

./ wallet import <private-key>
imported private key for: <EOS-public-key>

10. Get account balance:

./ get currency balance eosio.token

11. Transfer command:

./ transfer <from-account> <to-account> "1000.0000 EOS"

12. Stake tokens for network and cpu (1 EOS for each in this example)

./ push action eosio delegatebw '{"from":"", "receiver":"", "stake_net_quantity": "1.0000 EOS", "stake_cpu_quantity": "1.0000 EOS", "transfer": true}' -p

13. Register your producer:

./ system regproducer <producer-name> <public-key> "http://any-url" -p <producer-name>

14. Vote for producers:

./ system voteproducer prods <your-account> [space separated list of producers] -p <your-account>

15. You can get a list of registered producers:

./ system listproducers


Thank you ^^

Thanks a lot... Finally someone I found is willing to share knowledge... I got no responses from top producers for any kind of help on this topic....