I'm actually curious about this... maybe I'll write some code to run through accounts and see who is voting (or has a proxy voter) and who isn't along with their VEST weight. Might be quite an interesting stat indeed.

Yeah, I bring it up because I didn't even know how to for a few months and I'm probably in the top 10% of most tech sophisticated of Steemians if not much higher. Voter apathy is a big deal and we saw it in TheDAO too, and everything blockchain related. We're going to see bigtime in Tezos, and then when everyone delegates their votes to a few people, it will be highly centralized in a sticky way, more so than the typical ways that blockchains get centralized (limited clients, limited dev teams, thought leaders, etc). That's my fear at least.

Steem is so badly distributed that there's no really a reason to vote for +80% of the accounts. I'd like to see comparison of how well ETH is distributed compared to Steem.

My understanding is that all major cryptos are pretty close wrt gini coefficients but that looks at addresses, not actual people. None of them are that spread out, nor would it make sense if they are given how new this all is and how little the normal world cares about it.

They are all less well distributed than USD.

Bitcoin Ethereum and cryptocurrency gini coefficient numbers with no sources. . But I know him well enough to trust him

I wrote some code a couple months ago which shouldn't be too hard to modify a bit and then run through each account. If today wasn't Monday, I'd be on it right now. Silly work, keeping me busy from life. :) Maybe I'll take a half-day today with all the crypto drama going on.

Here's the answer I came up with:

We Have 7.5% Witness Voting Engagement.

Inactive Accounts: 178,339
Active Accounts with a Voting Proxy: 652
Active Accounts with at Least One Witness Vote: 7,233
Active Accounts with No Witness Votes: 105,076

You can see more details on this post, along with the top 100 active accounts by VEST who aren't yet voting for a witness.

Matches my expectations. Great work as always by you.

I find it quite surprising that @dan can make a comment on Steemit and get only 7 up votes and 0 comments. It seems that there would be hundreds of people wanting attention or to give thanks to the "creator" of Steemit or spammers looking for up votes/follows.....17 hours and not one comment....

I may not know what exactly this means, but it seems logical that either not many people are even reading many comments or comments down this far in the thread to realize @dan commented, or not noticing that he did.

Its also quite likely that because there are SO many NEW users that the majority of them don't even recognize who " @dan " really is?

Of course there are infinite possibilities. Yet it seems strange nonetheless.

I will also be interested to see how many people view this post, as it seems like every active user should at least check it out, if not read the whole thing and all comments. This is a very important topic/post from a very influential being.

It's so interesting to observe the interactions and choices of the masses.

Thanks for posting your DIRECT responses to statements made, here on Steemit and putting your words on the blockchain. I feel like I trust you, and that is very comforting.

I agree with you, but only because I think I see it more from your view. Stepping back, things are probably exactly as they should with votes and views if you look at the variety in user base of Steemit and how some Grandmother is on this site replacing her Facebook posts and doesn't know a crypto other than that one that hosted that one scary HBO show back in the day, I don't subscribe to that evil cable television so I don't know it's name for sure.

Yes, the free market always finds equilibrium and woks things out.
I have faith that this community will continue to fine tune and hone balance~*~

We can only measure that by accounts or by stake, not by individual persons. I guess those could probably be answered by a SELECT COUNT() query on SteemSQL.

I just voted for witness's the other day.. check my history :D

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