ECAC Block Producer Announcement

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Code of conduct

We, the EOS Core Arbitration Community ("ECAC"), are pleased to officially announce our candidacy of EOS block producer. ECAC is the first public node serving the general welfare and prosperity of the greater EOS community. ECAC is also the genesis of a new species in the greater EOS ecosystem. We, as a node of the EOS, by the EOS, and for the EOS, aim to use the fund raised from the general public of EOS to serve the general public. We, equipped with transparent auditing, strongly encourage the greater EOS community to vote for and donate to ECAC.

We encourage all of the EOS communities and individuals that have contributed to the governance of EOS to submit applications to ECAC. We accordingly will provide support of funding, subject to evaluation criteria that are to be announced shortly.

Core Team


Dr. Victor Wang, CEO

Obtained Bachelor of Science degrees in both Geophysics and Mathematics from Peking University in 2007. His practice includes a broad range of business transactions in the areas of domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, project development and finance, and blockchain. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Geophysics and Applied Mathematics from Purdue University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from University of Houston Law Center.


Jakey Gao,COO

Blockchain technology enthusiast who has long been engaged in education and training, organized more than 100 online EMAC conferences, and trained a large number of volunteers for the EOS community


Jian Liu, Head of Technology

Expert at virtualization and container technology, with has many years of experience in a well-known listed company; a long-term contributor to open source projects who focuses on the open source community.


  • Establish ECAC internal review process
  • Establish the ECAC project pool
  • Raise funds from the EOS community
  • Grant funds to the approved projects


ECAC is the first public node dedicated to serving the general welfare and prosperity of the greater EOS community.

ECAC has provided substantial support and aid to the EOS Manderin Arbitration Community ("EMAC"). EMAC, since its inception, has been dedicated to the education and training for the mandarin-speaking EOS community. Up to date EMAC has organized and hosted more than 100 conferences and training sessions, has cultivated a large number of EOS volunteers and two mandarin-speaking ECAF arbitrators, and has assisted victims who lost almost 70,000 EOSs in aggregate to find their loss.

EMAC is an open and self-governed community, in which all of the education and training sessions are provided by the volunteers for free.

ECAC, as a node of the EOS, by the EOS, and for the EOS, aims to use the fund raised from the general public to serve the general public.

ECAC provides abundant resources for EMAC's long-term well being and development, and will provide financial support and aid to more EOS communities, such as, the EOS Japanese Arbitration Community ("EJAC") which was formed on 25th Oct, 2018 in Tokyo, and potentially EOS Korean Arbitration Community ("EKAC"), and more arbitration oriented communities in EOS system.