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RE: Towards A Ricardian Constitution

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This is OT: I have seen, you have a lot of Steem Dollar (SBD) in your wallet. You should get rid of them and buy Steem or something else. SBDs are extremely unsafe to store value in. The only thing that gives SBDs value is pure speculation and coincidence. I wrote a post about the issue and I find the way SBDs are handled so concerning that I looked up users with a lot of them and warn them about it.


Hey - first off. I appreciate the advice. But the truth is, I have no sodding clue. I've never been able to figure out what really what's going on.

I read your post - thanks. That helps. So I spent some time trying to follow the suggestion above. After about 10 minutes I found the "Market" button. Then tried to buy Steem. (The other options took me to some external site that simply doesn't work - sits in a spinning loop all the time).

The order to buy steem seemed to be a price order not a market order so ended up opening a gap. Nibbled away for a while - I think. Refused to cancel. OK, I know something happened - bc the estimated value of the account doubled ???

Well, all this is by way of sharing my angst that next time I build a trading platform, and yes I've built a few, I hope to do better...

lol.. I'm glad you survived it;-)

I just looked at your wallet and saw the zero in the Steem Dollar row and everything in the one for Steem Power (you even powered up!). You did it!!

You know what. I'll follow you now. Seems like you know more about stuff than I do.

Lol.. so for all the pain, it worked! And somehow "doubled" the value of the account. A mystery :-)

And now my upvotes are well over a buck. Outstanding. I have power!

lol...ok you got me: It's me, Jesus! (I'm just talking through that moron of a user;-) I thought, you deserve a little reward.

On the serious end: It depends on what they use as price for SBD and Steem. Theoretically, the value should have gone down, but apparently they don't use market values for this, at least not for SBD.

Yea, you have a lot of voting power now.. It's Steem that makes that and not this strange SBD thing. I wonder how many other users get that wrong and lose masses of voting power over that..

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