Blockchain Battles: EOS vs. Ethereum and Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash

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before you defend this pedafile again, do some easy research Jeff.

you should be ashamed of yourself to associate with convicted pedafiles.

“I no longer want to be associated with these people”

In a public post on the Bitcoin Foundation’s website, many members expressed their displeasure at Pierce’s election.

Patrick Alexander wrote:
Unfortunately I must resign as an individual member of the Bitcoin Foundation. Reasons are many, but the following are salient:

  • Charlie Shrem engaging in alleged money laundering and associated crimes.
  • Mark Karpeles misappropriating people's money to the tune of millions.
  • Brock Pierce being associated with alleged pedophilia. (Now newly elected to an industry seat)

This is not the direction this foundation needs to take. The foundation members need to emulate very high moral values and ethics in business and in personal dealings, especially as it involves money. So far, the track record of prominent Bitcoin Foundation members has been abysmal. I know that most foundation members are probably swell people and are not like this. However, the acts of a few have overshadowed us all unfortunately.
I no longer want to be associated with these people.

Olivier Janssens, wrote:
I am also resigning as a lifetime member. If the bitcoin foundation is to be taken seriously, they need to immediately remove Brock Pierce from the board and save face. Brad, there are plenty more allegations than what you brought up. There are active lawsuits on corporate fraud and child porn. This is NOT the type of associations you want to have for Bitcoin, especially not with the [mainstream media] trying to pull every stunt in the book.


Keep sucking up to him and Brock just might suck you off.


You can't blame EOS cause they partnered with one weirdo especially when they cut ties so quickly

Bitcoin Private was created as a fork of Zclassic and Bitcoin. anyone who held either of those has Bitcoin Private, a privacy coin.

I am positively backing up the EOS. Their main Net will prove their true worth. Let see if EOS can compete with the mainstream Giants.


but EOS is still a ETH token right?


Only about one more day... see:


Yeah more like so :) let see what happens after their mainnet launch.

Let the best crypto win... :0

Check it out :)

Psy will test the main net with 1 token first. If all goes as expected than EOS should be excellent!

These battles are only in your imagination.

Love how u simplify what etherium is trying to do with eos.

Interesting post friend very good explanation

Nice. I'll like to follow u.

Mortal Combat begins!

I like this dtube post
Thanks for sharing blockchain

Open your binance account

Between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, I'm definitely holding both regardless of what happens. If there are more forks, I'll probably just continue selling the coins, unless a certain one intrigues me.