The Decentralized, Censorship-Free Wikipedia Killer [VIDEO]

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Wikipedia is a hoax.

Okay, well… maybe it’s not that bad, but there’s no denying it’s become co-opted and often serves as a mouthpiece for the establishment, especially when it comes to some of the most controversial topics.

Conspiracy articles (i.e. questioning important “facts”) on Wikipedia are mostly statist propaganda, denying any and all nefarious alternative theories not endorsed by the Powers That Shouldn’t Be.

Meanwhile, Google---which asserts its founding principle as “Don’t be evil”---has essentially tag-teamed with Wikipedia, giving the site arguably the most preferential search rankings on the web.

PICTURE 1 (3).jpg

Google did own up last month, however, by removing the “don’t be evil” clause from its code of conduct as it has become very clear that they’ve dropped the “don’t” part.

In all fairness, Wikipedia is still a very useful source in many regards, which no doubt has helped it rank high over the years.

But ‘crowd-sourced’ does not mean trustworthy, and centralized companies like Snopes are prone to corruption.

What would happen if you merged the concept of a free encyclopedia with the decentralizing power of a blockchain?

Well, fortunately the answer already exists: it’s called Everipedia and I recently had the pleasure of interviewing two top guys behind its success.

Sam Kazemian, the Co-Founder and President, and Kedar Iyer, Director of Software, joined me to discuss how the blockchain can revolutionize how we source, compile, and access information online.

You can watch our full interview here:

One of the most interesting points covered was the importance of a Wikipedia without the censorship and political bias.

“Wikipedia has kinda become the de facto source for Google search engine,” said Sam.

“That has good benefits and disadvantages, obviously because one, narrow source for a lot of the knowledge cards, and stuff on Google isn’t really democratic. It’d be interesting to have a wide variety of actual knowledge. Like when you Google ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ or the ‘Republican party’ or something, the only that actually comes up on those cards is the narrative from Wikipedia.”

We also discussed their plans to build Everipedia into EOS. Every day, as more innovation in the crypto space ramps up, it never ceases to amaze me how many brilliant minds are pioneering the field.

It’s the same encouraging trend we’ve noticed over the last few years at Anarchapulco. Passionate freedom-lovers are creating tomorrow’s solutions, without anyone’s permission.

If you’re unfamiliar, the annual TDV summit is hosted in Acapulco during the largest gathering of freethinkers, where this year, we enjoyed a wide range of presenters and performers from Ron Paul to members of Wu-Tang Clan---yes, the Wu.

People are already saying Anarchapulco 2019 will change the course of humanity.

Bob Stanley 18-06-08 10-27-21.jpg

For a limited time, you can get discounted tickets, but the sale price ends July 31, so BOOK NOW to secure your space.

¡Viva la Revolución!


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I have been your fan for a while now but never dare to say hi, so today I am going to step out and say hi to you. You are the coolest guy on Steem and your contents are awesome 👍


yea .... Dollar goes hard!

Okay, well… maybe it’s not that bad, but…

No, it's not that bad — it is worse beyond any description! Orwell has tried. “He who controls the past, controls the future.”


this .gif is pretty awesome. Love the 'pyramids' where the centers of desires are; and the freeway like 'tube' that they are all connected to ..... into the sunset. Creative af.


I like how it says "Meth" with the classic McDonalds "M". lol

I recently saw a TedTalk about this very topic, that Wiki was corrupt and unreliable, but surprise, I want NOT able to find it now to link here. Apparently Google doesn't know what I am looking for...

Wiki unreliable, corrupt? What ever do you mean?!

Everipedia is the project I am most excited about thus far from the EOS platform, can't wait to get those "free" airdropped tokens.


5:1 airdrop!!! 💥💥💥

I really enjoyed the interview. I like how if you own EOS you own a part of their blockchain. I hope they aren't too big of competitors with Steemit though! How man projects will be on EOS in the upcoming future?

Thanks for the heads up! I'm gonna do everything in my power to make it to Anarchapulco next year!

This has to be one of my most favourite post you have ever done! BRILLIANT!!!

Thanks a lot for all these news and information. Still watching the end of it. AWESOME!!! Full 100% upvote and resteemed.

Namaste :)

The answer to one of my prayers.

I like it very much, keep it that way. I recommend it

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thank you for providing information about the source that we quote from wikipedia. by reading this post I will think again to take the source from there. best regards from me @rezaarmada

You the man Jeff!! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

Tipuvote! 2 :)

Very interesting. Airdrops. What an amazing ideas are involve.

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It's cool to hear that Wikipedia will have its own tokens

Does any-one want to make a :I-Voted-For-EOS-Block-Producers-Meme?

It would be nice to have somewhere to search​ that not are govern by the globalist elite​!

@dollarvigilante - i wanted to write a German articel about Anarchapulco. Was deleted within a week.

But i dont get why everipedia did not use steem?! I mean you dont need that much computing to add atricles and photos right?!

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New methods and avenues are opening up everyday . Thanks for the heads up 🙏👏👍