EOS Could Be Bigger Than Bitcoin And Is An Experiment of Free Markets On The Blockchain

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Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Max Keiser for the Keiser Report on RT. Topics include: Dan Larimer and EOS, EOS may be bigger than Bitcoin, delegated proof of stake, Liberty Block vies for EOS block producer position, the EOS voting system, a free market experiment, free transactions, vulnerabilities for smaller proof of work coins, can Ethereum scale? Liberty Block and freedom.

Liberty Block website: http://libertyblock.io

Liberty Block EOS voting platform: http://vote.libertyblock.io

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So EOS... Maby i try it out.

Hope so..

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I got a bunch of errors when opening the site on Firefox..


Thanks for the feedback... can you send me which page? We had our roll out last week and we follow continuous improvements.


While we were unable create an error, it is possible that it is related to the ssl. The programmer for that page made some pages. Would appreciate it if you could confirm everything is okay.

I wish I had bought some when Jeff interviewed Dan.. EOS price was only $0.60 :(

Since I missed the chance to be an early bitcoin millionaire... Hoping these second and third stage assets will get me there.

Failed to invest big in bitcoin circa 2011.. was too risk adverse. Happy to be early on Steem. Eos. And others.

EOS is a good investment



Definitely yes!

👍As per the vid EOS rocks.👍
👍Nice vid , keep it up . 👍

Got me pumped for EOS!!


Why? Its not centralized at all. Don't believe the FUD. Why would you need more than 21 democratically elected block producers which are spread out all over the world? That is a decentralized foundation to the network. Also, the entry point for a BP is so high (Knowledge & tech as well as stake) it will ensure the best possible network. Any more than 21 and this quality will diminish in my opinion.

Am ready to for EOS

EOS.... I see a bigass ICO and a lot of promises for the future. I see their mainnet-launch issues. I see crypto-experts like Julian Hosp worry about the possible centralization (misuse) of dPoS. I see a way smaller dev-community than ETH, which they want to replace. I think EOS is none of that "bigger than Bitcoin" until they did something to show the world they got it.

Dan was also highly involved in steemit, we all know the voting misuse and pool raping going on, just to name these "problems". Many guys here seem to think, EOS will be groundbreaking. But possibly only the names have changed. Sorry folks, but I wont sell my ETH for EOS... :D

This could also improve steem value.


Hows that? I know Dan has said he plans to build Steem 2.0 on EOS


Good investment fantastic friend

Max Keiser and his wife Stacy Herbert are advisors for the EOS.fish block producer (Bitfish bitcoin mining pool). Anything Max Keiser is bullish on, I'm all in. This dude knows his stuff.

Thanks for the share x


Sometimes when you post on Steemit, you can look stupid on DTube. lol

I just look this video... and it is good :) Good info.

It is going to be very interesting to see how EOS is going to react by the end of this year. Let's hope, is going to be all good for everyone.

I see EOS at 250 at the end of this year. So I'm very happy to own some and I just bought a few more. ^ ^


Easy. However, keep hold of them for a couple of years and you may not need a pension. The airdrops alone will be worth a fortune if/when EOS Airdrop fundraising model replaces the current ICO model.

This dude has a million dollar bet on it

Sounds quite interesting.

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Bad Steemian! Bad!

I believe that EOS is better than ETH in the near future! Good crypto!

Eos even can't be bigger than bitcoin cash hahaha

EOS sounds like a great move. It would be good to know more about how to get into it any advice you'd give for small investors? 💯🐒

good videos dtuber conten creator star on trending

Great article, and fully agree !

I just discovered a new site with a nice sector-based overview of blockchain projects, quite well done I must say:

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Loved the Interview!

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namaste sir
your vedio is nice

Without freedom we are nothing. I actually just bought some EOS 2day and it feels good. I believe in Dan as I've been thoroughly impressed with Bitshares and then there's Steem. Dan is a genius and I think he's getting better with age. EOS is the new wine..