Help us Win a Trip to the EOS Hong Kong Hackathon

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Hello All,
Last night our project placed an entry into the EOS Hong Kong Hackathon Competition (#EOSHackathon).

We think this is a great opportunity to get our project some exposure while also getting some of the programming work we need to do nailed down. It's a great opportunity for us... and

All We need is your likes to get there.

EOS is the Blockchain operating system the AGE Project Software Application will run on. So a chance to sit with experts from EOS (and around the world) and start building our code with them is a big deal.

Our submission is a 3-minute (Ack!)YouTube video and we have to get in the top 10 for YouTube Likes to be considered by the EOS Judges.

Since we believe we can count on your support, and you'll give the video a like - we've created 2 new memes as a small thank you for your support.

The AGE Project




Keep on being Steemy my friend.


Thank You sagrnt means a lot.

You are more than welcome. You truly are an inspiration to me. I changed the picture in the comment as I found an old meme from a few years back when I was very busy in local as well as national politics.

Change comes slowly many times due to people's fears and ignorance. The cure for this is simply more cowbell. Clanging out education to assail the fear of the unknown and unfamiliar.

May my G-D bless you for your work, and your God bless you even better!

Shalom Aliechem (G-D's peace to you).

Great work, I like how you understand your place with the community and their right to hire you back and your having to keep their trust. I'm also glad you have an eye for the dark side; now lets see you can convey that out as all positive energy. Gook Luck with that! Lol ..

Maybe we can catch some Ayahuasca ceremonies next year around the Anarchapulco conference. Two can be better than one if the intentions are good.. I know one thing, this medicine helps me come to terms with scary technology and intentions like what you mentioned. I am told I emit no negative energy. Kind of funny, because I see it a lot .. I accept and try to understand it until it becomes something else. We can use all the help and practice we can get..

Thank you James - I'd have zero pullback on tipping a cup (or 6) with you. We should absolutely do it. What I learned back in Feb is that real universe is much more positive than I tend to give it credit for. It's too easy to get snared in the dark side of possibilities, and day to day, I admit, I can get caught up in the fake-fear and fabricated-negativity. Some focused breathing, or a walk in the woods with the dogs helps - but with Ayahuasca there was such... such certainty. Thank you for reminding me. Feeling more positive already... but that was your intention, wasn't it? (grin)

James good post

so very nice sir plzzzzzzz suport i love steemit

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