EDNA Announces Token Staking - Price Leaps Overnight

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EDNA: Price Jump. Still Heavily Undervalued.

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Last night EDNA announced Tokens Staking. This is simply an EOS Smart Contract, where you can send your EDNA's and they will generate passive income for you. EDNA is offering this program for a limited time while we get the software ready to operate the EDNA DAC, and provide even greater value for your EDNA Tokens.

100 million non-inflationary EDNA's are dedicated to the staking program, and the greater the participation in the program, the faster the reward tokens will be distributed. This increases your return on investment, so tell your friends to stake their EDNA's along with yours. You both win!

As Always... Thank you for Supporting EDNA,


@dna-with-greg ! I got the first payout and it was 3.42% weekly using the weekly staking period! I changed it to quarterly now and added all the remaining EDNA I had on exchanges.

When you mentioned on the video interview that EDNA staking would be even better than the ones offered by other projects, you were absolutely right!

I don't see a reason for people not staking, even if they don't believe or do not understand the greatness of the project yet.

This should raise the price of EDNA by 2x or more soon and also make many more people speak about the project. Let's see what happens on the next days.

Well thought Greg!

Regards, @gold84

What happends with regulations? So it becomes a security?

The EDNA DAC code is being work on, 100 million EDNA token is allocated to those who wish to stake, its a way of putting your tokens to work for you as the code is put together to add the other features... Its also a great opportunity to earn some EDNA, and I won't classify it as a security, this is an allocation meant for early adopters to earn more EDNA as we build out the features to put your DNA in your hand and give you sole authority of it

The DAC may ultimately decide to have the token classified as a security, but until they vote and determine what the token represents, it's classified as a type 3 (new and unclassified) token.

Taken from the existing constitution: We acknowledge that The AGE Project, Inc. distributed the crypto-currency called EDNA Tokens at no cost to the recipients of these tokens, Therefor EDNA Tokens currently represent no claims of ownership, rights of control, voting powers or other matters of influence upon the DAC or EDNA itself. This fact does not preclude the DAC from determining that its profits may be distributed in whole or in part by apportion of tokens held, or any other legal use for the token the DAC may elect.

Where can we stake the tokens. I’ve used eostoolkit for Horuspay and karma

@greymass has the best option with their EOS Voter tool. It's actually much more than a voting tool, check it out!

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