EDNA Announces Cross-Chain Token Teleport

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February 18, 2019

The EDNA team is excited to announce the first-ever deployment of a teleportation mechanism that allows a user to seamlessly transfer tokens between the EOS and TELOS blockchains. We believe is the first instance of IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) within the EOS Landscape.

The teleport function is now live at https://beam.edna.life

This advancement is the next step towards EDNA's goal of being a multi-chain DAC. Now users can freely move their EDNA tokens between the EOS MainNet and TELOS. The total EDNA tokens are preserved across all chains while allowing our users and DAC members to operate with the chain that best fits their needs. This service is 100% FREE to EDNA Token Holders.

EDNA anticipates making its new teleport software available to other dapps interested in cross-chain interoperability. Contact su[email protected] if you or your project would like to learn more.

Steps to teleport your EDNA tokens from EOS MainNet to TELOS:

  1. Launch and Log into your Scatter Desktop wallet.
  2. Use your browser to navigate to https://beam.edna.life Log into the site with Scatter, selecting the EOS account you will be sending EDNA from (you will need a TELOS account in Scatter as well).
    The Chrome browser is recommended, but other browsers may work (firefox fails sometimes).
  3. Enter the account name that will receive the EDNA you wish to send, the amount of EDNA you wish to teleport, and any optional memo you wish.
  4. Select the receiving blockchain and press the teleport button.
  5. Scatter will pop up (it may take a moment, please be patient)
  6. Review and confirm the transaction in Scatter (sign with the sending account).
  7. Your EDNA tokens will appear shortly on your target account/network. You can use blockchain explorers such as EOSX (https://www.eosx.io/blocks) to watch the transactions on each chain.

The steps to send EDNA tokens from TELOS to EOS MainNet are similar, only changing the direction of the transfer.

Watchouts: Be sure you have correctly typed the name of the target account you are sending to. EDNA will not be responsible for any losses from tokens sent to wrong accounts. If you are unsure, send a very low amount of tokens to confirm the target.

Stay tuned for more announcements from the EDNA team. We anticipate the launch of the EDNA DAC in stages over the next few weeks, pending our final quality testing. The EDNA DAC will allow users to manage their DNA information, participate in research activities, financially support other EDNA users (for a return), and be part of running the DAC organization. EDNA members will also be able to receive a free TELOS account, courtesy of the TELOS Foundation.

About EDNA:
EDNA is a Blockchain-based Distributed Autonomous Community Working to Insure Genetic Privacy and DNA Property Rights. The ultimate aim of EDNA is to end human suffering caused by genetic disease, enhance longevity and to insure the genetic information is controlled by the people who that information impacts.

For more support, please join the EDNA telegram group: https://t.me/edna_life
To learn more about the EDNA project and DAC: https://edna.life


Great work. Go EDNA!

Great news Greg! Teleporting works perfect. I sent to TELOS and then back to EOS mainnet and it worked perfect.

Waiting for the DAC now! EDNA will be game changing! Saw the video about the rinocerous, and perhaps this will be one of the first usecases in the real world?

Regards, @gold84

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