Distributed Fund BP Constitution Draft

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Distributed Fund EOS BP presents main statements and principles of our proposal to community as Block Producers.

First, we want to start with gratitude to @eos42, @eosnewyork, @eostribe and others for their contribution and creating their draft versions as well as smart ideas in there. We want to thank EOS community for all the support we have got from partners and EOS driven people all over the world.

We feel tremendous responsibility for the role that we willing to take as Block Producers and make our statements and key values public.

Our Mission

We absolutely convinced that decentralized technology creates valuable contribution in many different areas. In case of adoption lack we are making a decentralized future a reality. That’s not just a beauty slogan. Every single action of our team focused on implementing blockchain advantages in real life. As one of the most perspective technologies in this area, EOS evolution is our key focus.

Our goals

As we have needed resources and influence we will seek to achieve following goals:

  • Active involvement into EOS ecosystem growth and development
  • Organization of online/offline events, hackatons and other activities
  • Taking part in collaborative communication with other BP’s all over the world
  • Giving back to community, investing and incentivizing EOS dApp development
  • Maintaining censor-free and transparency communication and financial information
  • Protecting people’s property rights through reliable network support
  • Creating honest and sustainable infrastructure
  • Running the most robust node we are capable of

Our key principles

Financial independence and transparency
Distributed Fund BP will never give control to any outside investors or individuals who have personal interest. We will fully clarify our costs and always open to outside audit by special entities and we will always seek to exceed ongoing community requirements.

Ethics and healthy competition
Distributed Fund will always act with honesty, integrity, listening to the community’s voice, and apply the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our conduct. We will protect freedom of action and for everybody. We will never pay voters for support and never harm or manipulate other candidates or token holders for own enrichment.

Regular security control
Distributed Fund as a Block Producer will provide independent security audit on regular basis to ensure we operate on highest security level and never compromise EOS blockchain. We will work on preventing collusion with other block producers and diligent in reporting potential conflicts of interest.

Continuous team improving
Distributed Fund team declare continuous improving of professional and personal skills. We will apply highest ethical standards in all aspects of our conduct.

Cooperation and synergy
We are ready to work with other Block Producers regardless of political environment, geographical constraints or other factors achieving highest level of collaboration and support.

Abide By All Arbitration Decisions
Distributed Fund as a Block Producer will abide by and action all arbitration decisions and ensure these are enacted to provide support to the EOS.IO ecosystem. We will carry out policy changes and enforce rulings.

Giving back
We are willing to educate community members and developers through masterclasses, online webinars, offline hackatons and meetups. We will invest in dApps and projects that provide a direct value to the EOS ecosystem, and carefully using a portion of block rewards for Distributed Fund accelerator to fund start-ups and help existing businesses move to EOS platform. We will also provide reserve fund in case of accidents and emergencies.

Agreement with EOS.IO constitution
We solemnly declare to uphold and abide by the governing rules set forth by the community’s democratically agreed upon Constitution. The EOS.IO Constitution is supreme and the only contract to which we are bound. We will comply with any arbitration rulings promptly. We will not comply with any requests that are forbidden by the Constitution in order to protect the network from undue harm.

Proposing Lowest Inflation Required
Distributed Fund as a Block Producer will carefully assess costs, token price and future network support expectations to always propose only the lowest inflation required to ensure stability for the block producers and backups across the network.

We are open to changes via community proposals or other Block Producers cooperative and logic suggestions. We do not fully exclude any mistakes in serving community and we declare that our team will learn that lessons and overcome problems as soon as possible. There is a duty and obligation to give fair compensation to any valid claim.

According to our last principle, we are open to any contribution on improvement of this statements. Feel free to left commentaries and ask questions.

Public of presence:
BP EOS Portal: https://bp.eosgo.io/listing/distributed-fund-eos-bp/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DistributedFund
Medium: https://medium.com/@distributedfund
Steem ENG: distributedfund1
Golos.io RUS: https://golos.io/eos/@distributedfund/znakomstvo-s-distributed-fund
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/ABmHkRIuMySoQp8n3evPQg

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