Hi Dan!

Thanks a lot once again for this very informative video.

I see it exactly like you. Centralization is not necessary bad as long as you believe in the company / team and vision behind the project. In some parts centralization is far superior than decentralization and a combination of both is probably the best of both worlds. EOS as you mentioned is very good in combining the two aspects together and allowing everyone to vote, contribute to the project, etc.

WOW thanks a lot for the upvotes! I really appreciate that.

I hope you are right about tiger getting ready to attack when it comes to bitcoin and overall cryptocurency. With volume getting quieter and MACD very tight somethings about to happen soon. We just don’t know which direction. My guts are telling me we may have a flash crash before we really start the next bull market. But, I might be wrong. You might be actually right about this “fight” between EOS and ETH people. I personally don’t give a ...I’m invested in both of them, because I believe there is enough money for both and more. You are right “time is the king”. Time takes us to the moon even though I don’t like to use word “ moon” either.

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