EOS - Huge Launch, Hot Mess, or Both?

in #eos4 years ago


Well, this appears to be getting really interesting.

EOS Mainnet Live?

Long story short, the year-long ICO that was EOS has drawn to a close. They raised $4B, the network value is $11B - according to CoinMarketCap - and now it's time for launch of the actual network.

Except the "decentralized" network that's supposed to be powered by 21 leading "block producers" that voted on who would do what. (I'm really simplifying this process. Sorry.) Looks like the process, instead, has one anonymous server deciding who gets to hold membership in this "21 Club."

And I'm still kinda sorta confused - because it can have the look of a pump-and-dump if all the whales are holding the keys.

A PR Nightmare?

Listen, I'm all for using blockchain to change the world. But at some point, we're going to need to ask ourselves whether these systems that are launched with so much cloak and dagger is in anyone's best interest.

What do y'all think?

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