dappcast Episode 8: EDNA

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EDNA is more than a DNA sequencing service; it is a Decentralized Autonomous Community. The EDNA DAC’s main business model is to pool DNA sequencing data while retaining privacy, profiting from our own data, and enforcing the property rights of our genealogical data. The dream and idea of EDNA started over two years ago by Greg Simpson. Greg is the passionate scientist, engineer, and CEO behind EDNA. With experience as a Principal Engineer at Oracle, Greg was able to learn about DNA sequencing as part of his HIPPA compliance division at Oracle.

The technology to make EDNA was not possible until earlier this year when EOS began its software release. Now with a very scalable blockchain with near instant, free, and efficient transaction times a DAC on the blockchain was possible. EDNA is a DAC where the main shareholders are the users with sequenced DNA on the blockchain and the token holders. One genome is one vote. People who have a stake in the outcome of the research have a much higher incentive than token holders and take precedence over other parties.

EDNA as a token now is available to be staked and you can earn rewards based on the length of your staking period. You can find out more about EDNA staking here.

EDNA’s Links:

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Blockchain Educators: https://courses.blockchaineducators.org/?ref=87a827 - World leading education with up to date information on the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space.

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I think sequencing and storage of medical related data is one of the key use cases for blockchain.

It is amazing!!! I can't wait till we can start to monetize our genetic information and use it for good rather than corporatized gains.

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