dappcast Episode 6: Eva Cooperative

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Eva is the leading decentralized ride-sharing app built on the EOS blockchain. What truly makes Eva unique is how it effectively empowers users as driving and riding members. At the local level, a cooperative is formed to act as a liaison with the city or region and to operate in accordance with all local laws. Then at the global level, the Eva Foundation acts as a technology service provider and a cooperative enabler. The cooperative model gives every user a voice and stake in the responsibility for the service whether as a driving or riding member.

Eva was started in Montreal, Canada, by Raphaël Gaudreault and Dardan Isufi. Currently, there is one cooperative formed in Montreal and the local cooperative has funding. Montreal is the testing ground for the beta application. Much work and thought for the viability of Eva has taken place before the token sale. Eva is currently in the process of acquiring venture capital funding for the pre-token sale and will have a token sale in January.

You can also read their whitepaper here

You can connect with Eva at their social links below:

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Full Disclosure: I am on the Eva team as an advisor

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Amazing discussion on the future of ride-sharing with @dappcast.

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