dappcast Episode 4: eosDAC

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@eosdac is a community-owned, leading EOS block producer, as of this writing at 17th place, and a DAC enabler. A DAC is a decentralized autonomous community which is run by a series of smart contracts based off of the community’s constitution. eosDAC is working on a toolkit to enable the creation of DACs on the EOS blockchain. Today I interview Luke Stokes, a launch team member, of eosDAC and we go over the development of eosDAC and the DAC toolkit.
Please join us for a great discussion!
eosDAC’s links:

Luke’s Steemit Page: @lukestokes

Jake's Links:

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Jake “, The Whitepaper Guy,” helps create white papers for decentralized applications through gaining clarity, improving their tokenomics, editing, and writing services. His website is coming up shortly, but you can follow him here on Steemit. For business inquiries, please contact him via Telegram. A detailed update of his services will be available in an upcoming post.


well done my dear friend, very nice.

@dappcast, I'm waiting for the continuation of the topic

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