Dappcast Episode 12: Ashe Oro and the Freedomproxy

in eos •  5 months ago


Ashe Oro is a world leading Freedom-based entrepreneur, second place winner of the #EOSHackathon in London, and leader of the Freedomproxy (EOS voting proxy). Ashe weighs in on what it takes to win the Hackathon and advice for those looking to participate in San Francisco!

Ashe was the leader of Team Chestnut who won second place and $25,000 at the Hackathon. Here is Ashe's winning pitch:

Ashe's Links:

Jake's Links:

Rememer to vote for 'eosdacserver' as a block producer or use 'freedomproxy' as your EOS voting proxy. freedomproxy supports eosDAC so your vote will go to good use there.

I am an eosDAC member and can only speak on behalf of myself and in no way represent the DAC as a whole.

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