Dappcast Episode 11: Worbli

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Worbli is an EOS sister chain with a focus on bridging the gap between the traditional financial services and blockchain financial services with compliance in mind. Worbli's unique value adds to the upstream EOSIO software includes built-in AML/KYC compliance directly into the blockchain. The information stored on the blockchain lets a user/dapp know if someone is verified but all of the documentation is stored off-chain in cold storage. Users always have a choice to disclose their information to dapps on the platform.

Today we are joined by Domenic Thomas, the CEO, and founder of Worbli. Domenic details the value of Worbli which includes a fiat to crypto bank dapp, Gamma bank, that he is making! Gamma is not a full-service bank, but instead, it is a money transmitter with a framework to allow for other financial instruments to work in collaboration with Gamma.

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    Scaling Blockchain

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