Dappcast Episode 10: Weos

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Today, I am joined by Alkan Özyayla of Weosapp.io. Weos is the next social media site built on EOS.

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  • Blockchain Educators: Click here - World leading education with up to date information on the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space.
  • Scaling Blockchain: The next EOS based conference is coming to San Francisco! The day after the EOS Hackathon the conference will be a great meeting of the minds with future dapp developers, investors, token holders, and the community at large. Use my code ‘dappcast’ and get a 10% off of the event.
    Scaling Blockchain

I am the decentralized application (dapp) coach. I help businesses and startups build dapps through my 6-week coaching sessions. My skills and talents will take you through the confusing parts of your project and guide you towards success.

From teams that have formed, to those that have not. I can guide you in the right direction to make the change needed for a successful dapp. I am an active member of the EOS community and have formed strategic partnerships with those who can help you accomplish your goals.

My specialties:

  • Setting Realistic and Measurable Goals
  • Strategic Networking
  • Team Building
  • Identification of Skills and Areas of Need
  • Leadership and Workflow Management
  • Agile Work Methodology
  • Business Development

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