EOSIO Dawn 3.0 Now Available

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Block.one is excited to announce the first feature-complete pre-release of EOSIO, Dawn 3.0. This pre-release represents a major milestone on the road to EOSIO 1.0 targeted for release in June 2018. Our world wide team of developers have been working around the clock to make EOSIO the most powerful platform for building blockchain applications. It has been four months since we released EOSIO Dawn 2.0 and we have a lot to show for it.

Building state of the art blockchain architectures is a process where designs change as we learn. Many of the features we have completed in Dawn 3.0 were not even contemplated in the original EOSIO White Paper, but were discovered in the process of building a platform that is performant, flexible, and easy to develop on.

Read more: https://medium.com/p/49a3b99242d7


Thanks for updating us on the pre-release of Dawn 3.0 @dan. Without a doubt this is a great milestone for you and your team who have been working nonstop to give us this update. Many of us have been anticipating EOSIO 1.0 for a while now and we're very excited to know that it will finally be release in June. Hopefully you and your team can release it without any hiccups. Again thanks for the update and more success to you guys.

Agreed, this represents a huge milestone for the community. All of the Block One teams hard work and commitment to creating a scalable, governed blockchain is appreciated.


We start talking about eos cafe in Indonesia now.

Upvoted you with @tytran up to $1 and we both think you guys are very smart to get behind this ASAP

You are getting in on the ground floor with EOS café and that is very very smart and proactive. Just don't stop! And make sure to keep pushing yourselves to think of ALL the best ways you can take advantage of this decentralized café system

I really like EOS café

and I REALLy want STEEM café

no reason we cannot have every EOS café also host some STEEM café since EOS can host steem inside of its own blockchain

WE need a VIDEO like the Mcafee video, but one thatw orships DAN larimer! I mean STEEM and now EOS has made SO MANY OF US rich! We all owe a LOT of crediit to Dan Larimer so why not make a MUSIC VIDEO in honor of him?????

WOW @dan can I pay you to do a 2 minute interview ?

I just want to ask some REALLy easy questions which I will lay out, where I ask you to describe EOS as a movie star, fun games like that, or describe EOS as a Car or a truck vs ethereum

oh man I want to have a david letterman or conan obrien style TV show where I am the host and I have @inertia as my resident programmer who I refer to when I have some complicated thing to explain

and then fyrstikken BURSTS through a false wall whenever we are ready, oh that will be hilarious, we will say hes late but hen when we least expect it he comes bursting through the wall etc etc

and then I need a MUSIC VIDEO about dan

So glad I did not sell my EOS months back when I almost needed to. Congrats!

Spectacular team accomplishment!

Cannot wait to see chain-interoperability in action, I'm so freaking excited I can see the flippening happening with EOS when I close my eyes.

As many parallel chains as demand would need, but just one type of token...

I think we got final product?

Way to go @dan, I'm not a developer or anything but have been following closely on your updates to the platform. I am so happy to see that this project is moving along as planned! You have tons of support from people on the steemit platform and a lot of us are praying every day for your success!

Yeah...It is really mooning!!!

This sounds awesome. EOS is going to be THE crypto story of 2018. Really looking forward to launch.

Good news, congratulations. I'm happy to be holding EOS and have registered my tokens.

Eos is going, we are on the watch patiently waiting. We hope to see how it goes!

Congratulations, @dan.

The community I want to participate in will expel the rent-seeking vote-buyers and reward those who use their elected broadcasting power for the benefit of all community members rather than special interest groups (such as vote-buyers). I have faith that such a community will be far more competitive in a market competition for mindshare than one that elects vote buyers.

Looking forward!

With Dawn 3.0 we have moved from a 3 second block interval to a 0.5 second interval. This dramatically reduces the latency until confirmation. When combined with BFT DPOS, transactions can be irreversibly confirmed in under 1 second.

Unheard of, phenomenal, and brilliant!!!

What an Amazing about eos.cafe?, very inspiring us to built community in Indonesia, and tonight it happen we start from Lhokseumawe, Aceh-Indonesia.


WOW you guys are fast and smart for getting this going FAST

We need Steem café as well but no reason we can't just have DPOS Café or Graphene Café with ALL Graphene blockchains represented at the café from Bitshares to Steem Golos Peerplays and EOS!

This is really a great news for eos blockchain, eos keeps growing stronger, still trying to get my heads wrap around eosdac and eos.cafe now this, lol to the moon, really like what you started about its flexibility and easy to develop,, as that is the major key of any project to easily develop things already created with out much stress and not like NASA not Able to re-build the nano technology Armstrong used in reaching the moon after it was destroyed. lol
Eos all the way #eos

but were discovered in the process of building a platform that is performant, flexible, and easy to develop on
really a great news for this milestone reached.

I am really looking forward for a next milestone!

Finally the wait is owver...It's been 4 months of rigorously waiting for am update. Version 2.0 was near perfect and now we have version 3.0. if there would be a 4.0 then I wonder what it would be. This is a great developement . One that I am particularly proud of.

That's all pretty freakin' awesome, but I have a question.

@dan, Just wondering what you can tell us about what you mean in the document when you refer to "billing".

My understanding from reading the whitepaper, and from listening to you, is that the cost of running a DApp in EOS is a combination of the cost of purchasing the EOS tokens that grants you a guaranteed minimum resource capacity for your dApp, plus the less transactional cost of inflation to pay for the running of the infrastructure etc.

Then your new document talks about "billing", and those waters get muddy real fast. For example, in a chapter about a new compression feature in the EOS blockchain.... It's a great feature, because as described, there are a lot of cases where the data you might need to attach into the blockchain for guaranteed immutable public record purposes may often be large but compressible. You give examples, such as "the ABI specification and the Ricardian contract associated with an account/contract" that could seriously do with some compressing, but then in that same short chapter says "By utilizing transaction compression the blockchain can more efficiently store and transmit large numbers of transactions and bill users less for transactions with compressible data than transactions with incompressible data."

Maybe you can clarify what you mean by "bill user" here?

he is referring to bandwidth not dollars. you only get as much bandwidth as EOS tokens staked. the ratio will adjust as EOS Block Producers scale their equipment. you can never exceed your maximum bandwidth. instead, you will experience very slow transactions. this prevents spamming. if you flood the system with transactions beyond your capacity, the system just spreads them out (in time) for you. you simply cannot take someone else's guaranteed bandwidth. a large blockchain on EOS will require more EOS tokens staked to guarantee them the speed they require. same method applies to storage on EOS. if you reach your maximum storage capacity then you simply can't save anything else to the blockchain until you delete some of your current data or stake more EOS tokens. storage and bandwidth are "rated" separately. both require staked tokens. some data will need to be stored indefinitely. this imitates "burning" tokens and will lower the circulating supply. I imagine the metrics of your system usage will be something built into the software with user-friendly features like graphs, reports, alerts, etc.

Hello, Dan.
I want to share my thoughts on how I see progress.
I would have liked the dao built on the dpos system, where everyone who votes for a delegate, then gets a percentage of the delegate's servers' work proportionate to the vote for which his votes left. let it be a global system of smart contracts for Iko and stock exchanges for the placement and trade of tokens and securities, including.

Sincerely, Alexander

Cogratulations to you @dan, its very good news, thanks for your sharing to us, greeting friendship from me @abialfatih in aceh indonesia

There are people dying everyday. Hungry and poor people. Can the steemit community donate to charity to support lives of people who needs lives.

Nothing goes for Nothing
That hands that gives never lacks.
Let our minds always think of helping other people. Inspire the world

God bless you as you do so.

Great achievement sir. I really feel like joining u in this celebration. Keep the fire burning sir.

we have started talking about eos in indonesia and soon formed EOS Cafe community in indonesia

Hey dan congrats, thats some great news. Lets see how it goes


Really excited about this release ....
Got a message about it through my mail today 💃🏼💃🏼
Thanks for disseminating

Hello! @dan sir, How are you?

Waiting for that moment.I also will join as soon as it launched.Thanks for the news.

Good job, Dan! EOS is mooning. Red market but EOS is green again.

@dan declining payout so he can stay on 69 rep. Very childish Dan. 😂

Congratulations on the 3.0 release!

Now that's funny!


Thank you for the opportunity to participate in Steemit
i had writing this in my post.


You started to post a little more detailed article, you are on the good way!

Thats a great work. The applications will make blockchains very easy

Great!!! Some pretty nice information
Superb!!! Info...
Eos is waxing real strong

You're the man, @dan!!

maken gawat ka jinoe

Congratulations! I have been waiting for this moment!

price of EOS already shows the love

@dan, you and your team are doing a great job. Thanks for upvote

Great development.... Well done @dan

Thank you @dan and the entire block.one team. Designing the future in real time!

Our repository has been one of the top 10 most active C++ repositories in all of github for the past month. Impressive! Keep up the great work and regular updates. Very much appreciate it!

This is amazing!. Congratulations. A great feat and what an effort!. Well done. Yesssssss!.

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Thank You! ⚜

Oh! Yes, allow me to whistle as I get excited. This is huge. I can imagine the efforts and all. You have done this. Massive victory. Adorable team to work with I am sure. We are all going to be better for it. Massive well done. I raise my glass to salute you.

Congrats...cant wait for the lauch this is getting bigger and bigger

This is very good. Thank you so much for share.

Wow.... Big Congratulations @dan. Block.one has really been working tirelessly for this first feature-complete pre-release of EOSIO. Wow weldone.
I'm so happy this project is now a reality. Wow..

Long live @dan
Long live Block.one
Long live EOSIO

I still can't figure out how EOS works. Please guys, help me out.

Great work @dan.

With the rate new coins is springing up in the cryto market i hope it is a good thing for we investor. Keep it up @dan. Looking forward to the lunch date.

Logo looking sleek and sexy.

That's the joy of the process. It's not about what you set out to do, it's about the lessons you pick on the way and then incorporate it into your overall vision. I actually didn't use the dawn 2.0 but I'll check out the dawn 3.0 and see what good it would do me.

Solid information! This is some great news, the eos has truly been growing... Keep up the good work.

Thanks for all the steemit friends

Congratulations @Dan EOS - Powerful developments in the smart contract industry! Github - https://github.com/EOSIO/eos/releases/tag/dawn-v3.0.0

I am a computer scientist by training but I have been doing patent work for the past 7 years. I am going to take Ivan on Tech's smart contract writing course that releases the same time EOSIO 1.0 does. I am more excited about EOS than any other project in which I have invested, but I also would like to get back into coding and help build the future we want for humanity. I thought being a lawyer would give me a way to help with that, but smart contracts have the ability to order society and the economy with less expense added by actors that do not add actual value to the transaction.

This is a great move

@dan .... what's the Good News today ? Up 40 %

Thanks for the update on the pre release! it all looks really interesting :)

I can’t thank you enough for what you, and your team are doing for the crypto space @dan!

Extremely excited for the mainnet to launch June 1st, so the next generation of blockchain tech will begin! Can’t wait to see what your team was able to accomplish in 3.0!

ahhh yes. The legendary waphilip. Nice to see you on this thread. A cryptopreneur. I like it.

Haha it looks like great minds think alike Happy!

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