EOS.IO Developer Update - Support for Apple's secure enclave and similar technologies

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The block.one team has been working around the clock to make eos.io the most advanced blockchain software possible. While advancing the core software, we have also been working with a number of major players in the industry to migrate their platforms to make use of the eos.io software.

Constantly Evolving Design

EOS.IO is not a fixed specification, but a living design that is constantly being enhanced above and beyond our original white paper. We strive to make EOS.IO the best possible platform and to deliver it as rapidly as we can. Today we would like to discuss some of the changes that we are in the process of implementing.

Parallel Execution Ahead of Schedule

Our original roadmap called for a single threaded implementation to be complete by June 2018 and for multi-threaded development to take place thereafter. We are excited to share that work on the parallel execution engine has begun 8 months ahead of schedule and we believe that it will be ready by June 2018. The work required to make this happen includes a complete rewrite of chainbase, the underlying database technology behind Steem.

New Shard-Aware EOS.IO Database

Over the past several weeks we have implemented a new shard-aware database that is designed to enable multiple threads to access independent memory regions (called shards) at the same time. Shard data ranges are not fixed, different transactions can group different shards depending upon the necessary data access patterns.

New Multi-Threaded Key Recovery

We have developed a multi-threaded key recovery service that will accelerate the rate at which transactions can be validated compared to our existing single threaded approach.

Interblockchain Communication

We have been putting a lot of design work into how two blockchains will communicate with each other. This involves carefully crafting the structure of our merkle trees to make proofs meaningful and efficient. It also means restructuring our block headers and transaction headers.

Introducing Regions

Transactions now have an extra header field, a region. Think of it like a postal code indicating which blockchain the transaction is intended to be included in. By default region 0 implies the current chain and all other chains have different region codes. When a contract generates a deferred transaction for another region it is a signal for block producers to ignore that transaction. It is up to the other chains to use merkle proofs to verify the region code they have assigned themselves.

Error Handling on Deferred (Asynchronous) Transactions

Originally the EOS.IO software had no error handling for asynchronous transactions except for timeout. The reason we had this limitation was that error handlers themselves could fail. The only option for error handling was to wait for the transaction to expire without executing.

We have updated the block structure to allow producers to schedule transactions that fail for objective reasons and to execute an error handler. There are 3 possible states that a deferred transaction could be included as: success, error with successful error handler, or error with failure of error handler. Only objective failures are included, subjective failures such as using too much wall clock time will still require waiting for a timeout.

Adding Support for Apple's Secure Enclave

We are extending our support for elliptic curve keys validation to include the secp256r1 curve. This is the standard created by NIST and used by Apple, Android, and many Smart Cards. Users will have the option to pick their curves (secp256k1, is used by Bitcoin and EOS by default) and can use both (r1 and k1) if they don't know which one to trust! The most important aspect of this is that it will give every cell phone user a hardware wallet with biometric 2nd factor validation.

Implementation is ongoing, but the design decision has been made and should make EOS.IO usable in far more environments.


There is a lot of work going on here at block.one and the eos.io software is becoming better every day.


block.one is a software company and is producing the EOS.IO software as free, open source software. This software may enable those who deploy it to launch a blockchain or decentralized applications with the features described above. block.one will not be launching a public blockchain based on the EOS.IO software. It will be the sole responsibility of third parties and the community and those who wish to become block producers to implement the features and/or provide the services described above as they see fit. block.one does not guarantee that anyone will implement such features or provide such services or that the EOS.IO software will be adopted and deployed in any way.

All statements in this document, other than statements of historical facts, including any statements regarding block.one’s business strategy, plans, prospects, developments and objectives are forward looking statements. These statements are only predictions and reflect block.one’s current beliefs and expectations with respect to future events and are based on assumptions and are subject to risk, uncertainties and change at any time. We operate in a rapidly changing environment. New risks emerge from time to time. Given these risks and uncertainties, you are cautioned not to rely on these forward-looking statements. Actual results, performance or events may differ materially from those contained in the forward-looking statements. Some of the factors that could cause actual results, performance or events to differ materially from the forward-looking statements contained herein include, without limitation: market volatility; continued availability of capital, financing and personnel; product acceptance; the commercial success of any new products or technologies; competition; government regulation and laws; and general economic, market or business conditions. Any forward-looking statement made by block.one speaks only as of the date on which it is made and block.one is under no obligation to, and expressly disclaims any obligation to, update or alter its forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, subsequent events or otherwise.


You are one of the most talented genius in the cryptocurrency world and I know my investment with you is safe because you are a visionary.
Thank you for everything

lol top comment secured. youd need millions of steem just to upvote a comment any higher

I commented this 3 years ago lol ! Now I'm back for good =)

A very valuable article which was helpful for me a lot.

Very well. I'm an investor from the beginning of the ICO, and I'm so excited about the features and new options!!

"we have also been working with a number of major players in the industry "

That's exactly what i'm lookin' for. Marketing efforts are so crucial for a mass adoption, many don't accept this truth just bet on their technology.. and finally often fail. That's a very promising update of your edge technology and i wish you all the power and enthusiasm to push it as far as possible! Thank you for the comprehensive update on EOS.IO!

It sounds like those looking to migrate to EOS will reap the benefits of these advancements. Parallel execution, sharding, improved merkel tree design. Projects building payment intergration platform6 or other use case intergrated across chain "Interblockchain" technology and support for Apples secure enclave all relative to mass adoption.

Wow we get a progress report from Dan with all these comments so far and theres not a single one saying "EOS is a scam!" or "But your EOS tokens are worth nothing!" Now that's what I call progress!

I remember going to meetups about Ethereum and talks with Vitalik and there was always someone saying it was impossible, Vitalik was a moron, and would be a huge failure. Oh well, every community has it's flat-earthers I guess. EOS is not different but at least they are become slightly rarer these days.

Personally it's great to leave see more and more people leaving the world of me and joining the world of we. That's the net positive win-win fork of humanity I want to be on!

Thanks @dan and thanks all the EOS visionaries, developers, investors, and believers.

You are correct. Earth is flat.

Since Dan is on this project, I'm planning on buying some more EOS after the upcoming bitcoin fork :))

@dan, one question: Will EOS allow companies to create their own blockchain? For example, if I wanted to start a blockchain project in the future, EOS would allow me the tools to do that? Thanks!

@dan this is goddamn exciting! Apple hardware wallet with biometric authentication. #winning

I'm sure that while this year seems to take forever to me, to you there aren't enough hours in a day and time is flying by! The day you see the EOS genesis block launched by a community of block producers, you'll look back on what might just as well have been a month, every milestone still so vivid.

Keep up the good work, staying ahead of schedule is an amazing feat to pull off, good luck to you and the team!

following, thanks for asking the question @fararizky. I was wondering the same thing. and thanks for the answer @maestroq

Install an Exodus wallet.

i have installed a metamask
is it okay?

For now I would use an Exodus wallet. You can convert Bitcoin to EOS.


Thanks for the info 😀

I admire the work you are doing it is such an honor to be witnessing this come to life. Thank you for making the world a better place for us all.

Thanks to your update sir @dan

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Looks like investors have taken this news well, with huge volume and price rises in EOS.

I bought some EOS tokens @dan!


Good luck! Still going strong! ↗

i love your token sale GUYS! i've been accumulating, but i wish it's still going down actually - so that i can buy more!

Dan, I trust you infinitely. I thank you for your hard work and I always support you.

Thank you for great work Dan. You're definitely making government irelevent.
When do you expect new EOS wallet?

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Could the developments you mention be 'retro-fitted' to steem in the future?

Eos will be the first mainstream crypto

Good article..sounds promising.

Thank you for posting @dan.

This is the type of information bleujay was hoping for and it did not disappoint. Thank you for bringing it to Steemit.

Wishing you and your team all the best. Cheers.

this is great update thanks for sharing this :)

Thanks for all the hard work Dan! This sounds amazing

I hold some token ....Let’s see ....

When I'm driving luxury cars from your brains and effort, I would like to take you to lunch. ;-)

I want to make an exchange for INR to crypto on graphene. Is is a good time to get started or shall I wait for EoS with more features?

thx @dan great progress, cant wait.. bought only 100 tokens to support you. My GF wouldnt let me buy more after some losses after the first initial crypto investment... so I hope someday these 100 will be my retirement, lol.. so in it for a long long time..

In Dan We Trust. Praise the Dan. Rock on man, keep changing the world. In EOS we love.

I think you've found yourself a new idol to worship. ;-)

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Living whitepapers are another breakthrough that traditional IPOs could never do. One of the reasons crypto can evolve so quickly.

@Dan Thank you for updating the EOS and all your hard work put into Steemit. I've not been onboard long and I almost gave up before I started. I'm so glad I didn't! I've just made 'The Ultimate Guide to Steemit' blog which will hopefully encourage more to get involved. Here's the link if you'd like to check it out https://steemit.com/steemit/@projectdiaries/how-to-make-money-blogging-the-ultimate-guide-to-steemit.

The new site is looking awesome!! Thanks again :)

Thank you for the update Dan. As an investor (not speculator) this is absolutely some of the best news I've heard in the crypto-space in weeks. EOS is going to be amazing technology.

Excellent, I invite you to review my profile so you can see my content and if I LIKE TO VOTE. GREETINGS

@dan, I like you man, not in a sexual way. I think most are banking on you and not the product. So I hope you don't leave EOS.

If he did leave EOS, it would be a good sign. It would mean that he's done his part and left it in good hands. And then we could all buy up his next project. ;-)

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

I wrote about you and your dad this week as well as BTS.

I have to be honest, I will invest in things you are involved in @dan / @dantheman because I believe in your morals and your talents together making things better for all of us.

Thanks Dan.

Steemit's interface has changed. Will you be changing the branding of your company?

is this the post that pushed the eos token price to the moon?

Onnthe long run, its all amazing

Great job @dan.

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Thank you so much! Reading these posts are learning and researching new market! And clearly explain information. Waiting for new publications!

I really like the way you do your updates. Real progress and exciting news, instead of other with flashy pictures and bios.

Will we be able to build video website using EOS? Does anyone have an idea when a Steemit APP on phones and or a YouTube like platform to run video blogs here without actually using a centralized video platform with be available? is there a decentralized video blog hosting location? I'm knew at this and could actually be the more technically illiterate of this string.

Hello sir @dan,
can you review your witness votes please?
You voted for some disabled witnesses. Thanks for attention.

FOLLOWED, please do the same. Yes a solid investment in the future. Minimum predictions in 5 years (If EOS grows according to Moore's law) roughly doubling only every year then adding other tech growth. Minimum $63.70 if you value it at near FaceBook growth $118. https://coincheckup.com/coins/eos/predictions

You guys are awesome. I call bullshit on the disclaimer though... 🤣 as if this isn't the best thing to happen to civilisation itself. Eos is the future and we are here to help.

Great post! The improvements are moving rapidly and couldn't be happier to invest my time and future in this platform :) You have yourself a follower.
Can't wait to be a positive contribution myself. Best wishes, -@splendorhub

I know you're very busy with EOS development @dan, but I wonder have you heard about project Utopian built using Steem? https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@elear/utopian-my-contribution-to-the-open-source-world

I do think this is a project you would like to see succeed as it enables people to contribute to open source projects and be rewarded for them. It currently has almost 4 million SP delegated to it, which is used to reward all the contributors which is a handsome sum but this is a project that could bring thousands upon thousands of new developers to Graphene ecosystem easily. I do suggest you look up on it and possibly delegate some of that SP of yours as I can see this one having enormous potential on a grand scale.

Hello, I bought an EOS token at a bitcoin exchange in China in August and saved it in my IMTOKEN wallet, but on the evening of October 24 I wanted to move the EOS token to the exchange and enter The wrong address, EOS token is transferred to your wallet (0xd0a6E6C54DbC68Db5db3A091B171A77407Ff7ccf) I do not know if your company can return the wrong EOS token to me?

you are one of the most important people in the cryptocurrency world, I am looking forward to using EOS.IO build our DAP.

If one would buy tokens from your website what is the distribution per ETH?

Thanks for being open about what's happening in EOS. Moreover, to provide solid results without making "announcements of announcements" as other projects do. Great job! :)

I am an investor and developer, I hope that the eos.io software is becoming better every day.

Thanks for your work which will benefit millions!

Very potential project . I believe this is the next big thing. Pls do a video on the project in other for lay men to understand better . kudos ! @dantheman

I'm really excited about the potential of EOS. Thanks for the update!

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