Why Does EOS.IO (EOS) Have A Year Long Token Distribution?

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EOS.IO's token distribution process is referred to as a Dutch Auction. Google is the only other major project/company to raise funds like this (to the best of my knowledge). I think that EOS & Block.One are genius for doing it this way. My goal with this video is to make my case as to why EOS.IO & Block.One decided to go with a dutch auction for their Token Distribution Model.


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Thanks a lot for this video bro. I'm a bit confused about the somethings in coinmarketcap. Things like circulating supply, total supply and maximum supply. How do you calculate it


Calculate which one?


i already figured it out. Thanks

I really love the way you do your videos. I try to download quicktime player, but it's not compactible with my windows computer. I guess I have to get a apple computer or an iPad. Can I something like this with an ipad?