Are EOS.IO (EOS) Tokens Worthless?

in #eos2 years ago

The EOS token sale is getting closer and closer to wrapping up and finally launching! I've seen too many people claim that EOS tokens are worthless and I think that they just don't understand a few things. I wanted to address those details about the EOS Token Distribution here.


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Decentralization still scares people. We're trained to think that without someone controlling us we would be running around killing and eating each other. No one thinks that about themselves but it's funny how everyone thinks that way of each other. It was said about the blacks, it was said about the jews, it was said about the poor by the wealthy. It's all the same.

Dan Larimer takes heat for being a libertarian in spite of his skills as a programmer. Most of the criticisms about the platform have essentially been ad hominem attacks on one of the team members. I don't know the guy but I've watched him speak and he doesn't strike me as a tyrant. I don't believe he would try to build a platform that replaces one tyrannical system with another.

Like the video said, EOS is going to be a great tool for the community to develop decentralized applications. It's fast, it's expandable, and it's an improvement on existing, working technology. I haven't heard any good reasons why it wouldn't work.

I hope the project is successful. I think it could be huge. Thanks for sharing the video. Hopefully you can help some people see the light.