Hard NO. You are not wrong. :)
EOS has great developers, DAPPS are here, and more are coming, Name recognition, ETH is their major competitor and EOS had what 4-6 billion in ETH to sell off because of the 1 year ICO, that sell off of ETH is going to:

  1. garner funds for growing EOS
  2. hurt ETH's market value due mass sales
  3. dissuade ETH investors because of price volatility.

ETH is not EOS's only competitor but its the main one, and yes there are other great projects but no one is as far along, as proven, and built by as respected a team as EOS.

EOS is not the only great project in crypto today but it is ONE great crypto.

So no, you are not wrong about EOS. The only reason to not believe in EOS is tribalism, and of course that's no good reason at all.

Great, well thought out video. I think most of us involved in EOS have arived at the same conclusion as yourselfe. We are not "tribal" we are realists.