This Week at Cypherglass — Infrastructure Team Update — June 30th, 2019

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Our new gear has been humming along nicely and consistently. Speaking of consistency, the price of crypto and EOS particularly have been anything but consistent this week. Talk about some wild swings. On Sunday EOS was sitting at $7.50 USD, was down as low as $5.63 on Thursday and is sitting at $6.12 at the time of this writing. Let’s hope things keep trending back upward and that it was a dip prior to a solid runup. We at Cypherglass are confident that the superior technology behind EOS will inevitably increase value.

This week we went came in at number 36 in the block producer rankings, dropped to 37 and are sitting back at 35 now. As always we are working hard to get the word out about EOS and are confident that our evangelism in the world will pay rewards for us as a block producer and the EOS community as a whole. Make sure you get out and vote. And when we say vote early and often… It’s not illegal to do so with your tokens. :-)

The best EOS marketing team on the planet (yes Cypherglass) has been at it as usual. Make sure you don’t miss Rob’s interview with New Kids on the Blockchain here…

Really light week in the infrastructure world. I think we are still resting from the multi-week migration and checking out early for the holidays next week.

• Our new load balancer service notified us that some of our old gear was down. This was cool to see the new gear in action, and ended up being a good test.

• Testing going on in our lab on NodeOS 1.8RC2

• Continued work on support docs for the new gear.

• Made some alterations on internal support and monitoring scripts for the new infra.

Have a great week and if you are in the United States, happy Independence Day.

Go EOS!!!

-- The Cypherglass Infrastructure Team

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