This Week at Cypherglass — Infrastructure Team Update — July 22nd, 2019

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We had a lot of cool stuff going on at Cypherglass this week, and it pretty much spanned the globe. As always we do what we believe is best for EOS, and part of that is bridging some of the communication gaps between the east and west EOS communities. If you haven’t seen it already, please don’t miss this amazing video that Rob filmed with Denny from Huobi and Sheldon from EOS Shenzen.

The AMA is the second installation in a series that we intend to continue. It provides some great perspectives that might differ from your own, but definitely demonstrate that we all want what’s best for the token and community. Make sure you look at the description to see what we thought were the highlights of the video.

The infra team was also up to our own shenanigans this week. Both James and Ross attended the Open Source Convention, OSCon, in Portland. Blockchain was a main highlight of the conference, and it was insightful to see and hear perspectives from non-crypto folks on our beloved technology. One session we found interesting was presented by Alison McCauley. So much of our blockchain perspective is from a technological point of view, and it was refreshing to hear her social scientist viewpoint of crypto and the future. She brought up some neat examples like this one… where blockchain is being used to reward folks in developing countries for cleaning up plastic. You can read about her and her book here… Another cool blockchain perspective was presented by Erin Vincent, who presented a great use case for blockchain as a solution to tracking romaine lettuce. She did a great breakdown of how it took almost six months to figure out where e. coli tainted romaine had originated. With blockchain tracking the lettuce that killed five people could have been identified almost immediately. You can read a little about the session here…

Although we were busy enjoying the conference and learning all about Open Source, we did manage to get a little work done. Here’s what happened in the infra world…

• We have struggled a little with growing disks on our new machines. It’s harder than it was on the old gear, but we did manage to increase the size of the disk on our prod full node machine.

• We tweaked/fixed some internal scripts that still weren’t functioning correctly because of the gear change.

• Applied security updates.

• Our 1.8 replay is chipping away and was at 53M out of 65M blocks the last time we checked.

That’s it for now. Let’s hope things heat up and we get into the dog days of a really hot crypto summer. Go EOS!!!!

-- The Cypherglass Infrastructure Team

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