The Week at Cypherglass — Infrastructure Team Update — September 8th, 2019

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Thanks for checking out this week’s infrastructure update. Summer here in the Pacific Northwest of the United States is winding to an end, and we are hoping that the alt coin mini ice age is also winding down. As of this writing the EOS price is sitting at $3.19 per coin. Oh how we long for the golden days running up to the Voice announcement of June 1st when EOS was over eight bucks. We still believe that social media is broken, and that Voice can fill a huge void, so hopefully we’ll hear some good news this month. Not only will it provide a needed service, but we are optimistic that it will help the EOS price and token holder sentiment.

There are some other cool things coming down the pike that make us optimistic about our beloved token. The biggest from our tech perspective is coming up on September 23rd, the date on which EOSIO version 1.8 will be running on the mainnet. Not only does 1.8 make B1’s Voice doable by allowing dApps to automatically allocate resources for users, it also makes it doable for everyone else who writes a dApp. This is going to make it hugely easier for dApps to just allocate resources for users within their platform. No more messing with CPU, NET, etc. There’s still a long way to go, but this is a big step toward making crypto usable for your great aunt Mildred and Joe Sixpack down the street. Definitely a good step toward mass adoption. EOSIO 1.8 is going to require a hardfork. This isn’t the type of hardfork where a new token will be created, it means that 15 of the top 21 block producers will have to coordinate on the longest chain and adopt it. Something else that’s coming along nicely in the EOS ecosystem is the adoption of Dapp Service Providers (DSPs). You’ll be hearing about the official unveiling of our DSP soon which already has three really cool dApps signed up and ready to roll.

• Cypherglass participated in the recent 1.8 consensus call. It was lightly attended, but it sounds like 1.8 is still a go for September 23rd.

• We replaced two disks one of our full nodes. We aren’t sure they were bad, but since we were getting warnings it seemed prudent. You can never be too careful.

• Had to bounce a full node that was unhappy.

• We started the process of completely rebuilding our website to reflect the company Cypherglass has turned into, one that is a Block Producer but is now also hosting client services, DSP Services and other technical needs of the community.

Well that’s the update for the week. Hope everyone has a great weekend and remember… Go EOS!!!

— The Cypherglass Infrastructure Team

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Thanks so much for helping me get into EOS. I put in a bunch of time on Steemit, and stopped just as it was getting really interesting. You are, in large part, responsible for inspiring me and a few family members into investing in EOS.
This whole thing is about to go nuts and I want to do more than just own tokens. I want to help evangelize!

On behalf of @peos and @anoxfund @challangedac @eosvenezuela i have gifted you each of their tokens over steem and some DOGE, my own eos sand token, some BTCp prgged bitcoin 10 satoshis, 1 penny in Bitshares Pegged us dollar and some ASSHOLE tokens and 1 INv from so you can create a free instant steem account!

Just make sure you have this steem keychain extension installed by @yabapmatt its like steem's metamask (we need steem on scatter tho! )


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