so, like .. are steem and eos going to get along, or is it a competition thing?

Steem is application-specific blockchain while EOS is gonna be application-general blockchain, thus you'll be able to create a social media dapp via EOS smart contract, but EOS itself is not a Steem competitor.

very intriguing / thanks

EOS can do everything Steem can do and there is no domain that Steem competes in which EOS doesn't. That means they are absolutely competitors.

Linux can do everything Visual Studio does, but it doesn't make them competitors.

Operating in the same competitive domain with a complete overlap does make competitors.

There is no 'getting along' between any two competing networks. That doesn't apply to just Steem and EOS, but all cryptocurrency. It's a winner take all game.

Will your next video talk about trusted wallets and SAFE easily usable voting portals?

Super well done video. I learned nothing though. About like watching an awesome Super Bowl commercial. Good job for real. More content would be great if you get a chance though. I'm jealous of your video making skills.