Cypherglass Weekly Update #1

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In an effort to maintain transparency and communication with the EOS community Cypherglass will release a weekly update including all events, updates and upcoming projects. We look forward to keeping you in the know and providing access to the Cypherglass team at all times. Here is a look at this weeks update:

  • We are currently in the process of purchasing another three terabytes of RAM for our production nodes in MSP and adding another 128 gigabytes to our public nodes in MSP2. With all the discussion, uncertainty and decision-making around RAM buying, we want to be ready for any eventuality. By investing money now, we will ensure that the Cypherglass nodes are ready to scale.
  • This week we spent a good chunk of development cycles on “browser busting” for Cypherglass LENS. Before releasing our voting tool, the Cypherglass dev team is ensuring that nobody’s private key can be saved within the browser. Modern browsers have a surprising number of ways to store passwords, accounts, credit card numbers and yes, private keys. The existing voting tools are not safely removing this information from your browser, and instead of rushing to market we would rather insure the safety of the EOS community. To this end we have conducted extensive research, development, QA and testing to create the safest voting tool available.
  • Certain blocks within the EOS Blockchain have been causing our stalwart Windshield tool to pause during monitoring of certain nodes. We have identified the cause of this error and remedied it so that Windshield continues to safely monitor BP, Full, Proxy and Public nodes. Please reach out to us via Telegram if you are currently using Windshield for your nodes and have questions.
  • We recently upgraded all of our nodes to the latest NodeOS mainnet version, 1.0.7. The upgrade of all eleven Cypherglass nodes went off without a hiccup due to the excellent work by our crack infrastructure team.
  • We have also installed NodeOS mainnet-v.1.0.8 in our lab and are testing it thoroughly.

We strive to be the Block Producer that listens to you: the EOS community.


With Scatter, one is no longer using private keys to vote, right? Scatter will of course have to encrypt and store the keys safely.

Hi Rob, I commented and upvoted 2 of your past posts and still did not get any reply from you.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Regards, @gold84

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