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This Week at Cypherglass

Infrastructure Team Update - May 10th, 2019

It was a fairly slow, but interesting, couple weeks for the Cypherglass Infra team. We did some more work in the lab and started getting numbers on an architecture change we are looking at doing. We also voted for several proposals, a referendum and started checking out NodeOS v.1.8.0-rc1. One of the coolest things that happened last week is that REX went live. If you’ve been living on an island, using paper money for the last year and haven’t heard about REX you can learn all about it here

We also announced our support of which Rob details in that video. REX has definitely affected voting since it requires people to vote for 21 block producers or a proxy. The last two weeks we have moved around between position 26 and 29 and are currently sitting at number 27. It’s great to see all the active voting and cool to see renewed interest in the DPoS process.

Now some details on our infra world...

There was an upstream router replacement in our Kansas City datacenter that somewhat resolved a bandwidth problem we’ve been seeing. More work still needs to be done to completely resolve the issue.
We voted for the second part of the lost token proposal here
One of our production full nodes became unhappy and required a restart.
Dealt with a file system problem on one of our prod backup machines.
Voted for this final REX proposal Yay REX!
Built a VM and started a replay for 1.8.0-RC1. WIll probably take a few weeks to complete.
Voted for this referendum

The EOS price is hanging around five dollars. Let’s hope it goes up so all of us BPs can contribute even more to the ecosystem.

Get out there and start generating some passive income with your tokens and check out REX. Thanks for all your support and… Go EOS!!!

-- The Cypherglass Infrastructure Team

Join us in discussions on our Telegram channel here


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