Cypherglass East Meets West AMA Series is Live on YouTube

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At Cypherglass we provide many things to the EOS community. As outlined in our recent 1 Year Post, we feel we bring value from all angles to the network.

Now, we have embarked on a new mission; connecting the East and the West. There are topics lost in translation, and some that just need more time and energy spent on them by Western and Eastern Block Producers.

We hope the first two AMA videos have been helpful to the community. Now we are gearing up for other topics along the same theme. We hope to further strengthen the East and the West, as partners and watch EOS grow.

Here are the details on the first two videos.

Hello EOS AMA #1:

00:18 — Introduction by Rob

03:52 — The view on Geographic Centralization

13:26 — What is Fire Coin and is it a Pay for Votes Campaign?

21:45 — Making our efforts more visible from the East to the West

30:33 — What are the thoughts around the transition from the original EOS Constitution to the new EUA (EOS User Agreement)

Huobi & EOS Shenzhen AMA #2:

03:20 — Does the BOS team plan to propose 3 second lib time (3 second irreversibility) back to the EOS mainnet?

13:55 — What does Huobi think of the current voting situation with other exchanges beginning to vote?

20:15 — Current status of IBC on BOS / EOSIO 21:44 — “We may need to introduce a new governance system”

27:35 — Huobi’s plans to list EOS tokens It is a great episode packed with lots of good information about the Eastern EOS Community. Thank you to Denny from Huobi and Sheldon from EOS Shenzhen for making the time for the interview.

— The Cypherglass Team

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