Cypherglass Bounty Update

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A little over one year ago, we released a $100,000 EOS Hardware Wallet Bounty with the goal of adding EOS support to both Ledger and Trezor devices.

Less than two months after our bounty launched, we received two great submissions for the Ledger implementation. In the end, the first $50,000 portion of our bounty was claimed by CryptoFairy after his app was reviewed and approved by the Ledger team.

It was always clear from the beginning that EOS support on Ledger was in very high demand from the EOS community. However, demand for EOS support on Trezor devices was always unclear. Now, more than a year has passed since the launch of the bounty and we still do not have any submissions for the Trezor portion of the bounty.

Because of this, the Cypherglass team has decided to repurpose the remaining $50,000 of the EOS Hardware Wallet Bounty for use in other bounties which are more relevant to the EOS community. This will also enable us to tackle multiple bounties with smaller rewards rather than committing the entire $50,000 to a single bounty.

This is just one of many ways we continue to be committed to the EOS community. We sincerely appreciate your support thus far, and will announce our first repurposed bounty in the coming weeks.

If you’d like to help support us, please Vote for Cypherglass (account name: cypherglasss) using your favorite wallet or block explorer. Every single vote gives us more resources to re-invest back into EOS infrastructure and initiatives like these bounties.

Note: The $100,000 for these bounties did not come from Cypherglass block pay or vote pay as an EOS Block Producer. The entire $100,000 was contributed by Cypherglass team members using personal funds for the good of the EOS community.

— The Cypherglass Team

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The trezor team has gotten EOS verifiably working as of two weeks ago. You probably should give the bounty to them, to be fair. Here is a link to the github issue, where I can confirm it works with CLEOS.

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