Cypherglass Announces Windshield: A Dashboard tool for monitoring internal Block Producer infrastructure

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Cypherglass Announces Windshield

A dashboard tool for monitoring internal Block Producer infrastructure.

In an effort to insure that Block Producers are able to maintain a stable environment for the EOS community, Cypherglass has released the open source tool Windshield. This tool was designed to run inside a Block Producer’s firewall. With access to all the BP’s internal nodes, it will alert the BP to issues with their nodes that might not otherwise be apparent.

Check out the demo HERE

The information displayed in Windshield is test data

List of Alerting Functionality

  • Block creation
  • Receive alerts if your Block Producer node has not produced blocks in a specified period of time..
  • Forked/unsynchronized node
  • Windshield will let you know if your node has become forked or unsynchronized.
  • Handshake response
  • Windshield constantly checks to insure that your node is up and running.
  • Full Node to Block Producer node synchronization
  • If your Full Nodes aren’t talking to your Block Producer node Windshield will send you an alert.
  • BP vote movement
  • When your node shifts up or down in position among Block Producers Windshield will tell you.
  • Availability of one third of block producers
  • If the number of Block Producers available drops below fourteen, Windshield will send you an alert.

Alerting Formats

  • Web based executive dashboard
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Slack

Type of Nodes

  • Block Producer
  • Full Node
  • External Node

Please feel free to download and install the latest version of Windshield here:

Cypherglass is committed to the EOS community so feel free to reach out to us with questions or suggestions on Windshield. This software is released under the MIT License. We look forward to future community contributions to the code. During the Mainnet launch we might be delayed in answering, but we will do our best.

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Ah that looks great guys, we were going to experiment with the Governor tool after launch so I guess that just got superseded with you shiny new version!

Having looked at the demo my only feedback would be that the items on the screen move into different positions when the preceding items change length, and I always get our guys to tweak things like this as stuff moving around on screen always looks a bit wrong to me. That is a teeny tiny issue though and if it does what it appears to do then it's going to make my life a lot easier, being the executive not a tech, and as we all know execs love Dashboards :-)

Best of luck in the vote and we'll see you on the Mainnet :-)




Thank you, we appreciate the suggestions, Good luck to you as well!


Thank you, best of luck in upcoming voting :)

Awesome work! Thanks for creating these much needed tools for the community.

Come on, launch the network already!
Improvements will come on upgrades Mr. Larimer said, it is better to launch now. Where is the voting taking place?

When will this represent real live data? We need this now.