1 Year of Cypherglass in the Books!

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Cypherglass is a Founding Block Producer of the EOS mainnet, a Top 10 cryptocurrency with a $4B market cap. Our goals at Cypherglass are to foster the adoption of decentralized and distributed applications.

New Developers On-boarded to EOS: Hundreds through assisting many dapps with marketing, strategy, and user acquisition.

New Users On-boarded to EOS: Tens of Thousands through our explainer videos and educational podcasts. We have a social media reach of approximately 50,000 unique viewers across 8 Social Media channels.

Dollars Invested into EOS: Hundreds of Thousands through Infrastructure, Bounties and Private Investments.

Here is a list of the projects we have been involved in since from before Mainnet launch, through today:

• Educational Videos (Owner)

• Everything EOS Podcast / Media Network (Sponsor)

• Everything EOS Developer Courses (Sponsor)

• EOS Name Service (account creation portal) (Owner)

• dmail (private, blockchain-based email) (Partner)

Here is a list of the tools and Bounties we have delivered on:

• Glass / https://glass.cypherglass.com/map/main/top50

• Lens / https://www.cypherglass.com/lens

• Windshield / Block Producer Node Monitoring Software

• Help / https://www.cypherglass.com/help

• $50,000 Ledger Hardware Wallet bounty was paid to the team who successfully built and got approved the Ledger wallet integration for EOS in 2018.

• Current $50,000 bounty has been divided into multiple project bounties / https://medium.com/@cypherglass/cypherglass-bounty-update-ac10dd242334

• Year 1 Silverline dDOS protection on our Nodes: $50,000

Projects we've helped launch or have invested in privately through Cypherglass partners:

• EOS Rex / https://eosrex.io/

• pixEOS / https://pixeos.io/

• Dice / https://betdice.one/

• EOS Max / https://eosmax.io

• pEOS / https://peos.one/

• Everipedia / https://everipedia.org/

• Morpheus / https://medium.com/@morpheuslabs_io/morpheus-labs-announces-an-educational-partnership-with-cypherglass-the-leading-us-based-eos-block-c1208f1b8ca2

Links to Important Info about us:

• About & Team / https://www.cypherglass.com/about

• Transparency / https://www.cypherglass.com/transparency

• Video Library/ https://www.cypherglass.com/videos

Follow Us:

Join us in discussions on our Telegram channel here… https://t.me/cypherglass

Twitter… @CypherglassBP

Or check out our website at… http://www.cypherglass.com

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