Everipedia Air Drop has Begun!

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I was excited to check my transactions on EOSFlare this AM to find a transfer from everipediaiq.

Everipedia is a decentralized wikipedia. The platorm is moving to EOS and as such they have begun an airdrop of their tokens.

The whole community including myself has been pretty excited about this air drop. I'm currently evaluating whether to "fork" my book onto Everipedia (instead of a blog style, it would be an academic paper with citations).

Regarding exchanges - I split my risk for the main net swap and parked some EOS on Binance. I logged into Binance and don't yet see my tokens available for release. Hopefully this gets opened up soon as I have been removing my tokens from exchanges as it becomes available to do so.

Stay informed!

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Looking forward to see some of these Dapps begin to deploy to see what type of adoption they get as the networks grow.

No transaction fees hopefully makes it frictionless!

Had to google EOSFlare :) awesome little tool!! I got my IQs also :)) Yay!

Update: Binance is now displaying balance in IQ, hopefully withdrawals allowed soon!

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