EOS Black Review (EOS Airdrop)

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Black will be the 8th EOS airdrop that i will cover in this mini series designed to be a one page review of these tokens appearing in our wallets. Blacks airdrop has finished with a 1 to 1 token ratio.

What is it?
Black is basically a venture capital fund with its own self funding eco system. The tokens will be your stake in the fund, you will receive tokens in proportion to your stake that are paid out from the projects that are created by the Black eco system. Participants will only receive tokens if they stay involved and vote.

How it works
As pretty much everyone reading this will be a participant i will focus on this to keep it short and easy to understand. Participants will vote for representatives. Representatives will have to campaign with there ideas, plans and value to be voted in.

4 types of stake holders

  1. Participants: This is us we have the right to vote in representatives and supporters
  2. Supporters: Influences and marketing.
  3. Representative: These are the people that run Black, they maintain the network and make the final decision on what Dapps will get financed.
  4. Developers: The people that build the Dapps.

How will they fund these Dapps
Black have several different ways to raise capital. First is though inflation on the Black tokens , The tokens values will be determined by the free market on the success of the Dapps.

Next they will have there own exchange which will list all the dapp's that are developed by Black and use the trading fees to raise more capital. The exchange will also help keep the cost of developing Dapp's low as most exchanges charge new tokens to get listed also not needing to run ICO's to raise capital helps lower cost too.

3rd they will keep 20% of all tokens made by the developers.

4th by marketing and advertising.

This model of funding was designed to all work in conjunction with each other to both raise capital and lower development cost at the same time. The idea it to lower the inflation rate on the Black tokens.

Token supply

Road Map

If you want to find out more you can check out the white paper :

Website https://eosblack.io/

Trybe: A new social media on EOS

Binance my personal favorite exchange, if you want feel free to use my referral link :)

Cryptoslice Facebook:

This is not professional financial advice please do your own research before making any investments.

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Your quick review really helped to better understand their strategy, and actually i find that really appealing. Looks like one of the more interesting airdrops.


thanks mate :) i like making them short and to the point as most people dont have time to look though huge reviews plus i dont see the point in huge reviews might as will just read the white paper.

That’s pretty cool! Thanks for the info - I haven’t been keeping much of an eye on EOS the last few weeks, but it’s cool to hear about what’s happening.


yeah it does sound pretty good looking forward to seeing what dapps get made.