EOS approaching historical trend buy zone

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Indicator (1/3+)
Since watching EOS more closely I noticed this short term historical trend. I marked it up BUT:
Please note, this buy zone is ONLY based of a historical support/resistance trend. With a relatively low amount of historical data, historical trends for EOS should be compounded with at least 2 other buy signals before a decision should be made.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.37.52 AM.png


Bitcoin Rush and I plan to pick up a good amount. Are we still looking good for this buy zone? It would still be a good drop from where it is now.🤔🙏🏼😅

Mmm sounds a great opportunity.

possibly, looking for two or more confirmations. stay tuned.

I noticed there was a slight dip this morning, but I didn't think much of it. Moving stuff around takes too long right now that I probably wouldn't have been able to take advantage of it anyway. Thanks for the post! -@bozz

Sorry I kinda cut off the time scale. This is a one day chart. EOS probably won't enter the buy zone for a few days.

Thanks for noticing that resistance, what confirmations you waiting for, may I ask?

Nothing in particular, the buy zone could take a while to hit, especially if it finds earlier support.
Once it gets near or enters the zone we will have better information.

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I think the correction of EOS should be over now

At the current price, or when it enters the buy zone above?

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very profitable graph EOS great....

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