EOS distribution of wealth

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So the EOS ERC20 tokens have been locked for nearly two weeks. This means its easy to access the distribution of wealth on EOS by looking at the snapshot taken.

By going to https://github.com/eosnewyork/snapshots you can find data recorded from this snapshot. I have done some basic analysis of the data for interest purposes.

In the pie charts block.one is the second largest slice right of the top and then the largest accounts in decending orger as turning clockwise are shown. The largest slice is all other accounts.

The top 10 accounts (including block.one) own 49.67355389% of all tokens.

The top 20 accounts (including block.one) own 62.46671787% of all tokens.

The top 30 accounts (including block.one) own 66.16512714% of all tokens.

There are 163930 EOS accounts which means 0.006100165% of accounts hold almost 50% of the wealth. Of course many accounts are owned by the same people but just like most other currencies it shows that their is a very poor distribution of wealth.


Ah yes, I didn't think of that :P

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