The Two Stars of the Day

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EOS and BitShares are the two big stars of the day - the first up around 20% on the day and the second up almost 8% - and look to be smart money destinations.




EOS, BTS, STEEM all are built top of the Graphene blockchain technology! EOS took the lead and compete against ETH! BTS used another case study and compete against BTC!
Now it's time to rethink about where STEEM head on! With SMT STEEM will compete all and I wish it might reach Two Figure value soon!
Nice chart analysis and I have faith on STEEM, EOS and BTS coz they are the 3rd generation crypto currencies and Blockchain!


Graphene is music to my ears.

Notice that these are Dan Larimer projects just like #STEEM! I think BTS and STEEM could both catch a great bid if EOS proves to be a great launch. While I expect some bumps on the road, it is important that the project proves resilient as all eyes are on them right now. The outcome will impact the complete blockchain community but will probably impact BTS and STEEM first given the prior relationship with Dan.

Now is the time for STEEM and BTS to both make hay as the EOS spotlight shines on them too. I agree 100%. If EOS continues to shine, I think BTS and STEEM can't help but benefit.

Im watching these two very closely since I’m heavily invested in both of them. Today, when I woke up I saw nice jump in EOS, which made me really happy. I think it has a lot to do with this whole mainnet swap. It’s an amazing project and even though it might be a great competitor to Steem, I believe there is enough space for both of them. Your chart is clearly showing how bollinger bands have gotten very tight and once the price went over the top, it very quickly pulled back a bit. I like the volume as well. I would love to see now few small candles “consolidation”. It could be sign of a new trend. An uptrend. I hope that’s the case.
BTS has gotten halfway. I hope it follows EOS and gets to the top as well. Volume is still very low, but I’m happy with both of them. I think both are still a great buy at this moment especially BTS. If in worse case scenario we get to lower band I will without hesitation add even more to my portfolio.
Reversed H&S is all over and with some altcoins waking finaly up, we may be up for a great moves in the near future. The crypto euphoria is slowly coming back. Yesterday I heard one of the steemiens sold his house to buy as much crypto as possible. I’m not at that point, but I’m definitely happy with what I have. Credit to you for BTS!

Wow! You've got to be really convinced if you sell you house to buy STEEM!

I think there's enough room for all three. I hope so anyway.

Volume on BTS picked up nicely today. 😎

EOS - exactly the opposite than what I was expecting. (sigh) :)

Since registering EOS tokens could be a little intimidating, plus you need some gas for the whole process, my guess would be, certain number of holder will sell tokens before the main launch with the plan to buy back EOS few days later on the main EOS network, without the need for gas and complicated steps. if 5-10% of token holders decide to do this (just few days ago close to one third of tokens were still not registered) price should drop, no? Apparently no! ;-)

Got this one wrong. Crypto markets are never boring I have to admit :-)

As of BTS, something is cooking there, charts looks constructive lately. Luckily I have a few...

It could be that buyers are already buying back. I was pondering the idea as well, but decided to sit it out. As you say, crypto is too unpredictable to be able to play these kinds of things.

Seems like EOS is becoming the leader today when it comes to price action. Great volume and MACD is actualy signaling new upside move. Are we looking for a new uptrend finally? BTS is a bit weaker, smaller move to the upside but similar MACD signal. Looks like EOS has finaly higher high, now we need higher low as well for new trend to get confirmed. BTS is still not there, volume is still lacking and it still doesn’t have higher high. There is a significant resistance at 200MA. Overall we had nice day today in crypto especially in EOS. SBD had nice move as well today.

EOS has put in a nice 1-2-3 short term reversal since the May 25 low, and is still within an intermediate term uptrend that began last October. Really a strong looking chart.

Didn't quite expect EOS to be doing that well ( up over 30% at one time). I thought we would see the dump at launch. Guess institutions love the project. As for BTS not really surprised, this thing is pretty solid the last week. I would love to see some major volume though... :)

Yeah, I was expecting more EOS selling than buying too, but, it just goes to show you, crypto is anything but predictable. I'm beginning to think that everyone loves it! 😅

I would be lying if I say that this new :D i expect a significant dip though... :(

There's an evening star reversal on the daily. Today's candle is currently a bullish piercing off of the 20 DMA on decent volume, but it will take a bit more to negate that evening star. I've seen it happen before, but it's not easy.

I am a Bitsharer...not an EOS one yet. And, of course, a Steemian.

@stan wrote a great article this morning about the fraternity of the family of Bitshares, STEEM and EOS. It looks like they all will enhance each other. That bodes very well for those in those tokens. Having two of them makes me feel very good long term.

I believe much higher levels is in the cards for both. I am really excited for the BENCH project to see what they come up wtih.

Thanks for pointing that out. I need to get over there and read it.

I am so happy to see how Larimer's family have succeed. This guy is a genious! Also steem is doing great man!
Steem on!

I think we're on a winning team too.

Hopefully, despite the current situation of the whole market, I think we are really well positioned.
Steem on!

I always ask myself how I can do things better, and I'm having a difficult time trying to think of how I could be better positioned.

Yeah you are right sir @cryptographic. Really Eos and Bitshares are the new leader of crypto market as Eos is consistantly performing well even in the market falling moments. And Bitshares is the another young leader and if you remembered from 3-4 months ago Dogecoin was the number 30th coin but now it's number 47th but Bitshares continuesly improving it's position and i think very soon it will be top ten coins. Do you believe that Steem and Bitshares will be top ten coin? After all i appreciate your valuable crypto analysis and eagerly waiting for your next analysis.

I believe they will both be top 10.

Sir, I agree with you. I personally think that this thing can be selected in the top 10

Eos is going crazy like hell its a must hold for long term for sure

Especially for those who bought below $1 last fall!

Hello @cryptographic,

These 2 stars with 2 different project idea will change the entire crypto phase. This is just a beginning & they have a long journey to go. Ada & Steem will join them too.
Extraordinary good article & incredible chart analysis.


I think you're absolutely correct!

EOS - big move today as the news of the Mainnet launch plays through the market. Currently hitting a VERY strong area of historic and psychological resistance on the 4hr chart. Daily RSI suggests still room to run but watch out for volatility to increas…

Very nice prognosis!

Yes it was a good day for those specific coins @cryptographic .
It was expected for EOS since everyone was waiting its launch. Seems the whole EOS trend dragged BTS and I would also say steem which was at +6%.
Things look good for now.
PS Isn't EOS the only coin that reached at almost 20$ without being launched?

I don't know. That would be a good one to research and write an article on!

Hmm, nice idea!

Gems dont stay unnoticed for long.

Sadly BTS/BTC stopped at the 38.2 fib retracement:

But it's still a big sign of strength over many other alts! And notice how it went above the daily MA-30 😀

Eos began another incautious wave cycle after cost switched around the 1.618fib ext of CD leg bearish gartley .

From that point forward we have seen a main corner to corner wave 1

At that point retracement wave 2

As of now wave 3 finished at 1.618fib ext of wave 1, which was around the 61.8fib obstruction level of the drop from 18-10 locale.

Presently Wave 4 can be a bullish 38.2-half backtrack as wave 2 was a bearish retracement

Perfect passage to ride the wave 5 will be around 13.5-13.6 district.

Focus for wave 5 is 16.9-17 area around the 78.6fib opposition.

SL beneath 50fib around 13.

About Bitshares :

  • BitShares does not need an EOS upgrade to do what it does best -- for a long time to come.

  • BitShares is better positioned to adopt selected EOS upgrades than anyone else because of its Graphene heritage.

  • It s time to buy it.

Two shining stars EOS and bitshares . EOS is a new type of blockchain built on graphene architecture. It’s from the same team who built Steemit and Bitshares. EOS, competitor to Ethereum is a “platform” type coin that wants other coins to develop on top of it. Until it gains mass adoption from the community, there isn’t much to it other than short term buy/sells.

It is all depends on market value.Every markets in the world has ups and downs. It happened in past and it will happen in future as well that a well stabilized markets sees a dip.I agree that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and its price fluctuates a lot. Sometimes even on a news which comes out and is related to it.

In my opinion, one should do their own researches before buying. Have a close look to the Projects before you invest money. Real world usage and adoption should be the most important things to watch out for.

Keep your eyes on the prices and invest according to that.

The entire crypto market is doing good.This two coin is doing very well EOS and BitShares.If people get's their confidence back then new investment will come and the crypto market will be in good condition.In past few month people has saw a lots of ups and down,so they are a bit scared about the crypto market.Within this period crypto market has lost big amount of market capital.If new investor comes in then the market will go up automatically.Eos is a coin which i am lookin at.I am planing to invest in crypto market so i am looking at some coin and EOS is one of them.AS a steemian i am also interested about SBD.I t has also got very positive movement.If i would have invested in SBD yesterday already i was profitable.But hard luck.Bitshares is also in a good run it went from 0.2057 to 0.2253 according to my apps which i am using to see coins movement.I am highly interested about LTC also.I have got some investment there.But i bought in wrong time,few days back i bought it 160usd now it's moving between 125-127usd.Let's hope for the best.I am seriously thinking about investing in EOS.I am confident about your calculation.

Hi @cryptographic how are you?I hope you are fine.Again with another important post.Between this two coin i think people will look towards EOS.Because of it's recent past history of sudden raise.It just reached 20usd within no times.So i am also watching this closely and thinking about investing in EOS,but i am also interested about Bitshares also.To me it may prove even more profitable that EOS.Now my investment in Ltc is not going anywhere,though now it's also going up.One thing which makes me surprise that every coin or the entire market is related to Bitcoin,if Bitcoin price goes up then the market will also go up,if the Bitcoin price goes down then the market will also go down.Why is this happening.Every coin is here individual so this is not good as far as my concern.Let's hope for a positive month.Wanna see a bull run through out the entire month.

Among so many altcoins, the one that is showing high-growth characteristics is BitShares. The main feature of this altcoin, is its stability that is lacked by many first-generation digital currencies including bitcoins. BitShares is way beyond a simple digital currency. Apart from being one of the most promising crypto coins, this one is even software, a decentralized network, and a distributed ledger certainly not like other available digital currencies such as DigiByte (DGB), Digital Cash (DASH), Dogecoin (DOGE). Well, that is a lot of stuff packed into one single cryptographic wonder.

EOS and BitShares are the two big stars of the day

and look to be smart money destinations

I very much agree with you @cryptography. EOS and bitshares are doing well in the cryptocurrency market, especially in this time that other cryptos are struggling. I believe this change will cause investors to put their money on EOS and bitshares.

Thanks for sharing @cryptography

Very good post @cryptographic, this information is very useful for us all, and especially for those who like trading. I think, now Crypto is growing for the future, and EOS has a very good graph for now. Could EOS be a good Crypto for the future. I've read from someone else's article, and they say that EOS will be a rival of STEEM for the future. How do you think about it? And who will excel for the future? Because of both Crypto it has its own advantages. Thank you for this very helpful information for all of us..

I totally concur @cryptography, I perceive its a good weekend for EOS and bitshare cos weekends are usually flat periods for cryptocurrency. This is the more reason i would suggest that any investor should be patient, study and observe the trends in these two tokens before putting their money on them.
Thanks for sharing

EOS and BitShares are Certainly one of those few most promising coin.I am interested about EOS.Now EOS is treding between 14-15,expecting to go further up.Will it cross 20usd mark?Hoping for that.I am not so interested about BitShares,but looks good.I am highly interested about STEEM and SBD.Both of this coin is looking good,specially SBD.Within few hours it went from 1.75-2.8.It's very surprising,expecting to continue the uptrend.I am thinking about investing in EOS and your suggestion will be in my plan.Thank's for the post.

Asian exchanges have been dominating EOS trade over the past 24 hours with OKEx leading with around 18%, Bithumb and Huobi are second and third with around 14% of the volume each. EOS trade volume has steadily climbed from $970 million to over $3 billion indicating extremely bullish momentum. Market cap has therefore shot up to over $13 billion in the past day as $2 billion extra has been added and EOS comfortably leads the crypto recovery.

For the fourth day in a row crypto markets have climbed and total capitalization currently stands at $344 billion, up 3.3% on the day. The seven day chart has entered bullish territory but the longer term monthly view is still bearish.  Most of the other altcoins are trading higher today as $10 billion has been injected into the markets over the past 24 hours. Those enjoying solid growth during Asian trade this morning include Bitcoin Cash up 8%, VeChain up 9%, OmiseGO up 7%, Ontology 10% higher today, and Zilliqa up 11%.

If you want, you can see it from here:

Weekends are usually pretty flat in crypto land but this one has been rather bullish with gains all round. Market capitalization has grown for the third day in a row and is creeping back towards $350 billion. Technical indicators for Bitcoin are bullish and it has gained 1.6% on the day trading at $7,630. Ethereum has also made solid gains of 2.5% over the past 24 hours and is just below $600. Altcoins have been boosted by the momentum and most are trading in the green in Asia this Sunday morning. One streaking off ahead of the pack at the moment is EOS.

I can’t really speak for anyone, but the way I understand there are two main points of contention. 1 - premine aka ico and distribution rather than a pow mine from 0 2 - Dan has started and not exactly finished, or at the very least - in many people’s eyes - not seen the his previous projects to the end, sometimes things seem to be a little bit of an over-hype, money grab and move on kinds of situations. I think he’s developed decent stuff, and he’s definitely smart and capable, but it’s hard for me not to share the opinion on point 2.

My sir @cryptographic, We believe that Bitcoin is trading in a large range of $6,075.04 to $12,172.43. The strategy to trade such a large range is to buy near the bottom and sell close to the top. So, we have been waiting to buy on a sharp dip below $7,000, as close to the bottom of the range as possible, so that our risk is less. If the $6,075.04 level breaks, the digital currency can fall to $5,450 levels.


The BTC/USD pair is presently facing resistance at the downtrend line. Even if this level is crossed, it will again face resistance close to the 20-day EMA. Once this level is crossed, a move to the 50-day SMA is possible.
We retain our preference to buy on a sharp dip but only after the fall is arrested. Therefore, we suggest waiting for a couple of days to get better clarity.

Sir please let me know if your original information-based link is needed, I have kept the whole link and all the files are protected by me Please tell me if you need it.

Have a great day sir.

BitShares is a decentralized exchange and fintech platform that was built to be fast, efficient, and scalable. BitShares X was first introduced in a white paper titled “A Peer-to-Peer Polymorphic Digital Asset Exchange” by Daniel Larimer, Charles Hoskinson, and Stan Larimer. The project generated a good amount of buzz after the proposal, though the original scope and timelines have since undergone modification.


EOS has a major event coming up on June 02 with its Mainnet launch. It is difficult to predict the price action after such an important event. Due to the uncertainty, we shall not suggest any trade on it. However, we shall mention the important levels to watch out for, both on the upside and the downside,Since May 23, the EOS/USD pair is stuck in a range between $10.3384-$12.9870. A breakout and close above $13 gives it a minimum target objective of $15.6356, which can extend to $18.67 because there is no major resistance once $15.15 is crossed.

On a breakdown from the range, the digital currency can slide to $7.6898.

[You are an extremely specialized trade market analyzer,You're a good market analyzer I think I'm a very small market analyzer and I'm still at the academic level
If I made a mistake, please forgive me]

i think it is still best time to have some Bts
It is a rising star it can get out of reach quickly
after the price jump in Eos due to mainnet launch it could be sign of a new trend.May be an upward trend is on its way
well your love for bts is quite reasonable
i can see where it is heading

Based on the experience of the two EOS and Bitshares i can probaly say that effect of two will ceratinly bring the steemit and blockchain to top level....
Both are having enough expreince to impact equally on the steemitians globally...
Thanks for sharing the two star of the day..

Based on the experience of the two EOS and Bitshares i can probaly say that effect of two will ceratinly bring the steemit and blockchain to top level....
Both are having enough expreince to impact equally on the steemitians globally...
Thanks for sharing the two star of the day..

In a year of corrections EOS has been able to maintain its price and even increased its value. It is a token that promises a lot and will be a strong competition for steemit, but steemit is also preparing to show its potential with hiveminds and smt.

I think EOS will go up a bit more, but it will not surpass its historical maximum against bitcoin because when its network becomes public there will be a massive sale because investors will take profits, the same thing happened with TRX.

I kinda wanna show off the $EOS play and brag about the gains, but you can't see anything! I TA'd all over my chart! Oops. I can make a joke now that I'm not gonna make. That's a first :)
$BTS still apexing in the ascending triangle with the trend support and resistance 👍

So glad that EOS went on main net and people have been waiting for it for some time (quite a lot of fudding went on). Although I am a proud owner of this coin and appreciate this rise a lot.

On the other hand I own a very little bitshares but still a rise is a rise :-)

Thanks for sharing this as I am not really monitoring EOS and Bitshares. I do use the Bitshares platform since it allows anyone to create tokens from their projects quite easily. As there were some tokens that were to be collected via Bitshares resulting me opening an account with it. With this simple experience of mine, I can easily see how useful Bitshare as a platform can be and users who see its potential should see its application and business plan as I mentioned before in any long term investment. Staying cool and don't let the market short term change affecting us is really the test of our patience.

I feel like asking for a solution from you who has experience in the world of crypto, which is good in investing?
eos might make a brighter promise?
Thanks @cryptographic

We can see more pump in eos price in upcoming days. EOS holders hope that because the tokens will be locked after launching, every token will be locked op for AT LEAST 3 days (all tokens start out staked), the price should freeze and keep steady level. The fact that, the company behind the EOS software, won’t be selling 2m tokens per day anymore will also limit the supply and drive up demand. Also EOS are releasing 4 airdrops in June, they intend to reward their hodlers, so i believe that eos will remain bullish in june.

@cryptographic - Sir BitShares is the star of mine today... <3 I think it's started it's up trend & we all know it's the next BitCoin... Excellent & useful crypto graph analysis...


Do you want me resteem your post to over 72,500 followers? Go here:

There is few reasons why I believe the EOS price is about to enter a strong bull run. 1.EOS Testnet is about to launch 2.London's Private Equity sector is ready. 3.An audience of investors. has an experienced, well-versed and well funding sales team. 5.Blockchain technology has hit mainstream news. 6.London's Private Equity sector is ready to invest heavily in Blockchain technology.

thank for stars day.!......

it will not surpass its historical maximum against bitcoin because when its network becomes public there will be a massive sale because investors will take profits, the same thing happened with [email protected] cryptographic


The way that EOS has performed in the market indicates that it has achieved high gains. Tracking back to January this year, EOS price reached at the all-time high of $18.23, but with the current trend that is being experienced on the EOS price increase rate, it is predicted that soon the price will supper that record. The launch of EOSIO 1.0 will make EOS token to convert to a new platform. After this migration, EOS will become a coin. Past occurrence in the crypto market has shown that whenever many people await a coin migration, the token experiences considerable increase of price in the market. The trend that has been experienced on The EOS market price, I can conclude that this may be a beginning of something special. The price of EOS is going to surpass many other tokens, and it is on its way achieve all times highest price.

Gems dont stay unnoticed for long.

Both coins have huge potential
EOS price pumps after Mainnet release
Hope EOS will consolidate as Some analysts and traders have claimed that the performance of EOS is not organic and it will likely fall in value in the upcoming days but it hope it will start an upward trend
Bts has still alot to do

EOS and Bitshares are going well. EOS is showing bullish may be due to release of EOSIO 1.0 whereas Bitshare is one of stable crypto. Both currency have great potention to do some thing great in crypto market. It's time to invest in Bitshare & EOS as their future is bright . Hopefully Steem will also go well after the launch of SMT. Thanks for sharing @cryptographic

I very much hope that this is only the beginning of a big way upwards. Successful transactions to you.

Я очень надеюсь, что это только начало большого пути по направлению вверх. Удачных сделок Вам.

Both coins have huge potential
EOS price pumps after Mainnet release
Hope EOS will consolidate as Some analysts and traders have claimed that the performance of EOS is not organic and it will likely fall in value in the upcoming days but it hope it will start an upward trend
Bts has still alot to do

hy ..@cryptografhic
i ingan know more deeply about that problem ,, can you understand me,

It’s been a day to EOS mainnet launch and while we want to see concrete preparations like announcements of official wallets and things like those, Block One is busy moving ETH. Solid data shows that within 24 hours before an important event, EOS did move about 200,000 ETH. So, this is expected turn of the market for the EOS. Screenshot_2018-06-03-04-36-03.png
Now, as I leaving the comment it is nearly 21%. And market shows it has more buy orders than the sell. So, hope it will up more.Screenshot_2018-06-03-04-38-47.png

Bitshare could go more.But, whole market downtrend was holding it down for the past few days. Even though, it is still positive in 7 days change in the market. It is also catching 9% as now. It has more possibility to up than EOS Screenshot_2018-06-03-04-40-30.png
Looks like, for last few hours, scared or short time buyer leaving more.But, lot was heavy of the buyer than the seller. My still favorite one is BTS and Steem.

Hi @cryptographic ! Since EOS is Dpos as BTS and Steem, and since EOS is at the eyes of the crypto world now, its time for people to connect the dots and smart money should come to BTS and Steem anytime soon.

Regards, @gold84

Great volume and MACD is actualy signaling new upside move. Are we looking for a new uptrend finally? BTS is a bit weaker, smaller move to the upside but similar MACD signal.

Did you really copy the whole @rothberg 's comment?
I won't flag you. I 'll let @cryptographic have the honor

Wow, and she even upvoted herself to get in front. That’s insane! We really have to be careful with these spams.
Thanks @mindtrap!

No problem at all my friend. I get sick when I see this kind of attitude. I would gladly flag her but since it isn't my blog plus @cryptographic has powerfull vote,maybe he could send her reputation.... to freezing temperatures

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