The Easy Guide To Quickly Registering Your EOS Tokens And Not Miss Coming Airdrops Like EOSDAC

in eos •  8 months ago

My deepest thanks to you for watching this video, and also to the Exodus team for the easiest way to register our EOS tokens that I've encountered yet. 

Cheers to you,


►Download Exodus Wallet Here:

►How To Register Your EOS Tokens Using The Official Exodus Website Guide:

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Feel like I'm late again...

This is great Omar. Thanks so much! I was waiting for your post about this and I'm glad I did. Cheers mate! Reestemed

Hi Omar , always good to see you, your content has been most Valuable in my journey valuble in my cryto journey , again thank you i truly appreciate.

Very nice tutorial! Much appreciated!

here you solve alot of problem every one is not know how to regestered your self thanks for sharing information about EOS tokens i will regester soon hope you will share more about this

EOS tokens is The most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications.In near future this token will be a big factor in crypto market.To ensure inclusivity, EOS Tokens have no pre- determined price; rather price is set by market demand. This mimics mining without giving potential unfair advantages to large purchasers.So I think if any one wants to invest in crypto currency he should have a good look at the EOS token.Thanks to @crypt0 for sharing such a important and useful news with us.


It's going to be good times when EOS goes live! \^~^/

Thank you for the video @crypto!

Gotta love the Exodus team, they have amazing support! I am excited for what's to come with their roadmap of features and supported coins. Like their mobile wallet :D

you do deserve this 100% upvote on this.

I went through a whole hassle moving my coins from exodus to myetherwallet because I thought exodus wasnt supporting the registration/airdrops

clear video, simple and good to watch! chapeau!

What happens to eos after the airdrop.

Very very charming.

Definitely the best and easiest way I have seen yet! I was thinking of Binance or Bittrex before I saw this video. Thanks!


It may not be worthwhile

Thanks for sharing the information

Exodus looks simple and easy to use. But where to buy EOS in the first place?

Did @crypt0 do a video on this before?

The only place I managed to buy some EOS was from my Bitshares wallet.
But I don't know where/how else to get some (without using a centralized exchange/provider where you gotta fork over any personal info and link a bank or credit card to fund the account of course). Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers guys.

IMG_20180412_074738.pngThanks Omar for this information.In coming days EOS is hoing to rock.By this information a lots of people who follows you they are going to be benefited.I had no idea about exodus wallet before.Rhanks for sharing with us.