How To Register Your EOS Tokens Using The Ledger Nano S

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►Register Your EOS Tokens Using The Exodus Wallet Instead -

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i will have to do that soon

very helpful thanx again omar

Thanks Omar!!

Thanks Omar!! I was expecting this, is very much appreciated. Cheers!


EOS tokens is The most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications.In near future this token will be a big factor in crypto market.To ensure inclusivity, EOS Tokens have no pre- determined price; rather price is set by market demand. This mimics mining without giving potential unfair advantages to large purchasers.So I think if any one wants to invest in crypto currency he should have a good look at the EOS token.Thanks to @crypo.... best of luck
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Thank you @crypt0 ! Now Im watching your video ! Maybe you want to take a look at the new I made about eos.. ;

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Didn't need to register but still watched the video since I am still awake and watching anime. Well after a few dozen episodes I needed a break :-)

Thanks Omar. Simple and to the point!

Very great information about registering my codes
Really thank you you are a wonderful and successful person


Always enjoy how much positive things you do for the community, keep it up Omar ;)

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See you around, mate ✌🏻.

Hi Omar, there is a lot of FUD concerning the tool for key pair generation on reddit right now. Can you confirm that this tool is actually safe to use?