Technical Performance of EOS Block Producers - Surprising results!

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I've recently stumbled over a quite interesting article, that looks into the actual technical performance and the results are quite surprising:

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It looks into different categories like the latency of simple transactions and some popular dapps. There is actually an online tool, that you can use for that:

The outcome is really amazing!
Apparently these are the bps that in most tests come out on very top: eosflytomars, eosbixinboot, zbeosbp11111, libertyblock, eoscannonchn, eoshuobipool
Now those names might be familiar, and likely not for their good behaviour as bps.
All the others bps remain at about the same - mediocre - levels, always with a few exceptions performing significantly worse than all the others, one candidate that regularily appears on that level is: starteosbp

What is surprising to me, that many of the respected BPs aren't in the top ranks and perform rather mediocre, the article discusses also the quality of mere block production, that is actually measured here, and activities like community service etc. which also might be considered valuable, but isnt tested in the context.
Conclusion: Certainly one of the most valuable discussions out there.

What do you think about those results? Did you expect it, does it change your assessment of BPs?

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Means I have to read about them more.

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