News from Scatter... so many good things about to come!

in eos •  last month

Scatter is probably the single most important piece of EOS infrastructure and certainly my favourite one! In a recent article they are announcing many good things at once:

4 awesome things to expect:

  1. RIDL: Will be integrated in Scatter as a warning mechanism, but also as Plugin to rate any webressource. First Raters will get percentage of later votes (so there seems to be a token incentive after all

  2. A prototype is already accessible:

  3. Scatter desktop will have a streamlined and simplified UI, critical update imo

  4. Dgoods Market place and leasing platform! Awesome stuff and just so good to see, how different projects collaborate effectively on EOS, say what you will, this is the best sign of a healthy and successful platform!

Got a favourite one of those items up to come? Are you using wallets other than scatter?

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Scatter is truly amazing!

Crucial to the end user operating on the EOS blockchain.

Providing easy access to the EOS blockchain, still working with partners on innovations such as dGoods!


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