Good Bye EOS Governance? The constitution just has been dropped!

in #eos4 years ago

Just watching the EOS GO launch party, when through the ongoing BP and Dapp introductions when this bomb was droppen:

The carefully drafted and discussed constitution was dropped in a matter of minutes, when a few loudmouths successfully managed to discredit important additions recently made:

Main controversy was an addition, that over 1% owners of bp would have to been disclosed. A very important aspect, that would have helped to prevent sybillian attacks on the Bp side.

But now we have nothing, no arbitration, not block producer agreement, nothing. There you have the efficiency of lobbying.
The EOS Constitution has been carefully drafted and taken many legal aspects into account. If you have liked it or not, it would have set up a regulatory system of how the blockchain works. That is now gone, and it will certainly very hard to get anything near this.

It is a major blow to eos, and devaluates the whole project. has pushing the community base of anything that the EOS launch should be very far, bit i feel with this, it has gone beyond, what can be handled by an emerging community. It has reset EOS from a outstanding project, to yet another coin....

I can only hope that some basic reason reemerges.....


What a fucking joke. Well, us EOS holders get a chance to have our voice heard and get this reintroduced. Let’s see if the promise of governance by the community holds any weight.

Let’s get a petition going.

ALL EOS HOLDERS IN HERE SHOULD RESTEEM THIS. BP’s work for us, not the other way around.

Yes, and i am more than ever determined, to only vote for BP who have clear and transparent information of their ownership structure.

Fuck yeah, this has really boiled my piss. I have reached out to some of the more reasonable BP candidates for more info (clarky style of course)

In my opinion the full constitution was too complicated and open to interpretation but I think launching without something simple that can be amended later is a mistake.

Under that old constitution I think there was room for bad actors to take shots at and win. Once the chain is live with a 10% vote will have a huge say in any constitution. Some people will hate this but it is probably for the best. A bad constitution could take down the entire chain.

I really like the final (or close to final) version of it. I tended to like the openness to interpretation because thats what you alsways need to do when handling a dispute, but i might be wrong.
The issues i have, is that important parts, will be hard to establish if there is nothing there, the last version had clear acceptance criteria e.g. how would we reintroduce these. And B1 might be big enough to prevent things, they still aren't able to force things.

To be fair I haven’t read the final version but I had a feeling that @dan wasn’t going to like the version I read last week. Life, liberty, property etc.. weren’t secured. Don’t get me wrong I really like what EOS is trying to do but the twitter trolls yesterday had a couple of valid points.

But no constitution this late in the game? If this is the way forward then delaying the launch is a must.

Putting together something as important as this with 2 days to go when they should be focusing on preparing for launch is a recipe for disaster.

This is hard to believe. I can understand amending the constitution...but to launch with no core governing structure? I feel like I'm missing something.

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