EOS: Two airdrops have taken place today

in #eos4 years ago (edited)

It's become a bit quiet about dapp based airdrops, and the action seems rather to be around upcoming sidechains these days, but having lost those a bit out of sight, 2 new tokens popped up in my account: The seed token and EOSish!



The seed token is used for parsl, which promises to cover the complete supplychain management for cannabis from producer to customer and circumventing regulatory issues (in the US in particular). I haven't fully grasped how this would work out . Cannabis of course has been quite hyped in the investment scene, and tbh, there are quite a few supply chain projects around, not sure if they all need to be for a specific commodity and then need to have their own tokens. To me it's a bit of fragmentation. We do have EOS as currency, and the blockchain is used, is there an intrinsic need for an extra coin for commodity specific payments?
But let's see, i am happy to be convinced otherwise.


Eosish has a more unique approach, they expand their supported tokens from ETH to EOS, and dropped based on a factor of 1:50. Basically they intend to offer a smart contract- and ico factory, where you can build your dapp or token release based on their platform with no programming skills required.
You use the EOSisch token to pay for their services. I feel the idea is quite unique, but still remain about sceptic about the actual versatility of their platform. Those out-of-the-box services tend to be quite formulaic.... yet again, the idea is great, so lets see how they surprise us.

Did you receive those airdrops? Do you think any of the two projects will be able to fly?


No I got neither of them. That sucks.

That's bad... especially i guess parsl dropped to all accounts, dont they?

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