TRYBE airdrop... and you've been freaking out about a few ECAF orders?

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If you've missed it you wouldn't have got anything significant anyway, but if you are among those who contributed to the TRYBE platfrom early today was the day of a significant airdrop (or airgrab to be more precise)

So of course i've checked my EOSFlare balance early to check the status of the drop. Seeing the promised amount dropped several times. As this is not the first time a block explorer has shown transaction twice i didn't wonder too much.
But then is saw the post by @thecastle and had to check formyself. This is what eosflare showed me, right after 12 transaction sending me the promised airdrop... each!

So WTF happened here?

TRYBE in an effort to remain transparent explained the situation in-depth in a new article:

Basically the were able to revert the token transfer, and claim it back, on the basis that they have control over it. According to TRYBE it's nothing they have invented, but is an EOS core function they made use of.
And eventually i received the amount of TRYBE promised for the drop.

So what's the issue here?

Well i don't doubt the 100% honesty of the TRYBE people and their eagerness to fix the issue quickly. Having said that, i feel highly uncomfortable with the possibility that a dapp can simply revoke tokens they distributed, even without the pleasantry by TRYBE of explaining the situation. This is highly problematic, as it opens a door for bad actors a possibility to perform exit scams or similar at any time they please.
In times of b1 intending to scrap the constitution to a stump those possibilities are highly worrying, and benefits bad actors only?

So what should happen.

These kind of transactions should just not be possible, at least not just like that. I see at list the requirement for multisig, where a majority of bps would need to agree for these transactions to be reversed.
Another possibility would have been to call for ECAF for an emergincy order.
I dont blame the Trybe folks for taking the most effective measures to fox things. But this features is a crying vulnerability that needs to be removed.

What do you think about what happened? Whats your conclusion?

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If this is a bug (or feature!) of the EOS core function, does this mean all dapps can reverse tokens? It seems to me lucky this has happened now with a few tokens that arn't worth much, rather than later with a lot of money at stake.

An interesting case certainly!

This incident to me looks like the opposite of the 'Parity bug'.

With Parity, money was frozen, because of a mistake.

With Trybe, money got reversed, because of a mistake which was corrected.

This could be an interesting feature for the EOS blockchain, but it's certainly something that needs to be addressed.

Reversibility can be an interesting feature, but it needs to be clear in the smart contract who has actual ownership.


TRYBE acted in an absolutely correct and transparent manner. But not all players might be less professional or even outright fraudsters and then this feature could well become an issue...

i got given over half a million tokens then they took them all off me :(


Yeah, i was impressed by the initial drops...
anyhow... tell me about your new sentinel capabilities! ;-)


Lol they made a mistake now i have to correct amount not quite the half a mill i had before :s

think it is another case of wait and see.


Probably... ;)

@conceptskip First of all I didn't know about this. But I am sharing my view based on your article my friend. I liked that you shared your experience and thoughts with others. This thing always help people.

Keep doing good work my friend.


Thanks for stopping by, hope you found the info helpful!

Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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