Interview with Worbli - The 1st EOS Sister Chain!

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🎤 Interview with Worbli CEO Domenic Thomas.

💰 With details about the Worbli Sharedrop!

👉 Visit for more info

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Thanks for sharing @Coincado looking forward to the Gamma App, Domenic mentioned Debit Cards in the interview, hat would be awesome to have a debit card connected to your Worbli Banking App!

Thanks for your comment @superminion that would be indeed awesome, hope they can make this work 🙂

Looking forward to the Sharedrop tutorial because I have no idea what to do to get those Tokens 😅

Yeah it's not an Airdrop so it requires some manual action from EOS Holders, but don't worry I will make sure to cover all the steps in a video tutorial 😉

Thanks for sharing buddy!

Thanks for the upvote @tomi 🙂

@coincado any idea if there will be a crowdsale?