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RE: Makes Series of Announcements at Korea EOS.IO Meetup

in #eos3 years ago

Great announcements. I'm sure people are curious about "will be airdropping its tokens exclusively on the EOS blockchain distribution list" --> is this list from currently registered ERC-20 token holders, or the future and formally "accepted" EOS blockchain?


Yes, indeed! When will this airdrop take place and do I need to move my EOS tokens from the DEX to an Ethereum wallet?

As @ceedeez stated, you'll definitely want to get your EOS tokens off of the DEX (guessing you have open.EOS which is an OpenLedger issued asset). While O/L is a huge part of the Bitshares ecosystem, I wouldn't count on them to handle anything for you. If you are trading, sure you can leave them on DEX or other exchange, but if you are simply holding, get them into a registered Ethereum wallet.

For sure you need to have them in a wallet rather than in on an exchange. The outstanding question is whether the etc-20 EOS tokens need to be registered before airdrop or whether one can still claim after date of airdrop.

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